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Hispanic Heritage Month Bios - Kelly Torres

Kelly Torres

People Operations Coordinator

Kelly Torres

Time at the Commanders: 2 

What's your favorite part about your work at the Commanders?

First, I really enjoy working with my team and all the other folks across the organization. I love being a part of welcoming employees to the team and supporting the onboarding efforts of our new teammates. It's an exciting moment as a new employee! I often reflect on my own experience as a Latina entering the NFL who had no sports industry background. If I were talking to myself when I was a student athlete, I wouldn't believe it. I really enjoy this part of my work for a variety of reasons like listening to their career progression, why they're with the Commanders organization and what's in sight for them as they step into this new role.  

What inspires you to come to work each day? 

Being a part of a team and working together with others towards a common goal. I find that setting goals for myself and striving to reach them has been a great motivator and impacts the work I do every day. 

What's a work-related accomplishment that you're really proud of? 

I am proud of putting together our annual wellness fairs as a continuous way to make connections while promoting our benefits starting with new employee orientation, through benefit elections and life events. 

How has your heritage shaped who you are today? 

I think it's made me realize the importance of who I am in my community as a Latina and how I'm paving the way for others. I've realized the power of something as simple as recognizing my own achievements. Other Latinos – those in my own family – celebrate that, like they can't believe that this is where I am. So, it makes me feel very proud of who I am and how far I've come. 

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you? 

Hispanic Heritage Month is about celebrating, learning more about my culture and heritage and making sure I'm not growing out of tune as a first-generation Latina American. It also means recognizing the struggles the Latino community has faced as well as the achievements it has made over time. 

What quote or mantra do you live by? 

At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can – Frida Kahlo 

It's officially been a year since we've established Somos Commanders. In your opinion, what has been the most impactful program you all have hosted so far? 

I believe the most impactful program we have established has been our Taste Around Latin America event where we have partnered with our Kitchen Team. They spend their time to ensure we are fed nutritious and well-balanced meals, which in Latin American culture is BIG to be able to provide and in the context of food. Being able to host a day where our kitchen team who is majority Latino showcase dishes from their home country, while also pridefully wearing clothing representative of their country and bringing in little knick-knacks to display, during Hispanic Heritage Month feels like an influential moment to be able to admire our culture, traditions, with members of the group and our allies. 

What type of impact do you hope to accomplish in year 2 as Somos leadership? Which program are you most excited for? 

In year 2, I'm looking forward to collaborating with our football operations team and highlighting the fact we have the most full-time Latino coaches on staff and sharing that moment with our staff internally through firesides chats once the season is over with!