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Hixon: Wide Receiver Corps Has Solid Depth

Every week, chats with a Redskins coach about a hot topic. This week: wide receivers coach Stan Hixon discusses Keenan McCardell and the Redskins' WR depth:

"Our wide receiver depth is being tested right now with all of the nagging injuries, but it'll work out. We expect to have Santana [Moss] back this week against the Packers. Antwaan [Randle El]--we don't know about his statusyet, but hopefully he'll be ready, too. I think we'll be okay.

"Really, for a game, we carry just four receivers and sometimes five. The depth is important if it's a game that's real hot--we've had several games like that so far this season. At practice, we really have a lot of reps, and so with the veterans we have here, they can give us quality reps.

"What Keenan [McCardell] did last week was miraculous--to come in on Monday and play on Sunday. He brings a whole wealth of experience. He's very intelligent and he got the chance to come in and make plays right away.

"The offense we're running right now is one that he has been a part of before [in San Diego under then-offensive coordinator Cam Cameron]. So it's been an easy transition for him, from a mental standpoint. He's getting up to speed and we feel real good about him.

"When Keenan was at San Diego, he played all three positions there, so here he can play flanker, slot and split end. That's really a big advantage.

"He's such a quality person. He may be a better person than he is a player, but he's a really good player, also. He really adds a positive dimension to our football team.

"Reche [Caldwell] played a lot [against the Lions] last Sunday, but he just didn't get any attempts. He played more than Keenan played, actually. He had a couple plays where he was open, but we just didn't get him the ball.

"He's an intelligent player. He'll make some plays for us. It's his fourth week here, so he's getting on top of things."

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