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In Draft, Gibbs Keeps Trade Options Open

In terms of making trades on draft day, the Redskins may not have a lot of maneuverability, but team officials are still keeping their options open.

Washington enters the NFL Draft, scheduled for April 29-30, with a total of seven picks, but six of them come after the fourth round. The Redskins' first selection is in the second round, at No. 53 overall.

Team officials are eying teams above and below the No. 53 spot as potential trade partners. As the draft unfolds, they expect to closely monitor which prospects could fall in the second round.

"I don't think you rule anything out when you go into a draft, especially if you think there's someone there who you think you can go get," head coach Joe Gibbs said. "Would you be willing to trade or make a move? I don't think we're afraid to do that--last year we did it. And I wouldn't rule something like that out."

The Redskins may not have much in the way of trade offerings in this year's draft, but it's possible that the team could trade away picks in the 2007 draft. Team officials have not shied away from doing that in recent years--the Redskins' first-, third- and fourth-round picks in this year's draft were all shipped away as part of trades.

Should the team stay at No. 53, Gibbs hopes to obtain a player who could develop into a starter or provide depth in his rookie campaign.

Later on in the draft, the Redskins have a bevy of picks. Starting at No. 153, midway through the fifth round, the team holds six of the next 98 picks.

While those six picks will likely be developmental players or backups, the Redskins are putting a lot of emphasis on uncovering a hidden gem in the late rounds.

Coaches and scouts are scouring game film position-by-position, Gibbs said, to fully evaluate the college talent.

"We need to be hot down there," Gibbs said. "Our scouts and coaches are really working it that way, too. They are pouring over film. It'll be exciting what we get there."

Here's a complete list of the Redskins' draft selections on April 29-30:

Round Selection Note
2 53 ---
5 153 ---
6 173 Acquired from Jets in '06 Patrick Ramsey trade
6 189 ---
6 196 Acquired from Panthers in '05 Rod Gardner trade
7 230 ---
7 250 Compensatory pick

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