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In New Role, Tim Gribble Will Look At Top Players In The Nation


Recently promoted to the position of assistant director of college scouting, Tim Gribble continues to build on his time in Washington. He is entering his 16th season with the Redskins.

After being promoted from an area scout to the assistant director of college scouting during the 2017 offseason, the Washington Redskins have high hopes that Tim Gribble will flourish in his expanded role.

The Washington Redskins on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, announced that Doug Williams has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Player Personnel along with additional personnel department changes.

During his previous 15 seasons with the team, Gribble oversaw scouting operations in the Midlands region. Now, he'll he will work closely with director of college scouting Kyle Smith by providing evaluations of collegiate talent at the national level.

"I'm going to be over the top, looking at the top players across the country," Gribble told "And then I'll pass that information up also. Kyle will be looking at the top guys and I'll let Kyle know who I like, who I might not like. And there's going to be disagreements. It's funny how everyone gets final say, it is truly a process, that we all get our points of views and we all have guys that we like, but at the end of the day it's about us all working together."

Gribble—who's based in Pittsburgh—will remain in Pennsylvania despite his promotion. However, his distance from the Inova Sports Performance Center at Redskins Park in Loudoun County, Va., doesn't concern him. No matter where he is, he's just thankful that his hard work and loyalty to the organization has been rewarded.

"It means a lot to me," Gribble said, "To know they have the confidence in me to step up and have a bigger role. It does mean a lot."

Operating remotely, a key part of Gribble's job is building relationships with fellow NFL scouts on the road. They stay in the same hotel, they eat breakfast together and sometimes even car pool. However, business is still business, so Gribble has to interact with these scouts without revealing any of the Redskins' plans for the future.

"It is a fine line," Gribble said. "You try to talk to guys and you try to keep it separate. We don't really discuss players or discuss what kind of information you're getting. It's more along the lines of how are the kids doing, who's hitting the ball, what's the soccer game going, you keep it more a day to day friend thing."

One of Gribble's best finds as a scout is Redskins guard Brandon Scherff, who was drafted fifth overall by the team in 2015, and is developing into one of the best young linemen in the league.

"He was easy," Gribble said. "Strong, tough, smart. Leader. Alpha-male. Everything about the guy I loved. He was one of my favorite guys that I ever scouted."

Also, being outside of the building means Gribble can have more flexibility in terms of how he works.

"We have the iPads," Gribble said. "I like watching the games on TV. I like to focus on what our guys are doing. But I do like to watch games on TV, I watch the games with my wife. She has her opinions, it's always fun to hear that. And then we have the iPads that I download the game and see it from the coach's view."

But Gribble doesn't let the convenience damage his work ethic, and is constantly searching for the next great Redskins player.

"[A few] weeks ago we were at the BLESTO meetings, so we're in the process of getting started on next year's guys," Gribble said. "We'll evaluate junior film from this up and coming senior class. Just a brief idea of what to expect in the fall and who we like and who we might not need to go up and see."

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