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Jamison Crowder Comes Up Big Against The New York Giants


Wide receiver Jamison Crowder recorded a 50-yard punt return and a 55-yard touchdown, in Redskins win against the New York Giants last Sunday.

After entering the 2016 season 0-2, the Washington Redskins left MetLife stadium with their first win of the season thanks to production from all three facets of the team's roster. There were many records broken and crowd pleasing plays, but one ground-breaking play in particular came from wide receiver Jamison Crowder, who recorded a 50-yard punt return during the second quarter.

Although there was miscommunication during the first punt return, the second-year veteran took a chance and made an amazing play.

"I knew that my chances were slim of getting a return," Crowder said. "But the punter kind of kicked a rugby type punt and the ball bounced and rolled. I was just like, I'm going to take a chance and I made the first guy miss. I just tried to get to the sideline, but I was so tired though - I just tried to make a play, give us a spark, and put us in position to at least come away with some points."

Linebacker Houston Bates, who joined the Redskins at the same time as Jamison Crowder, gave high praise to the wide receiver, claiming that he "wouldn't want anyone else back there."

"I'm close with Jamison," the second-year veteran said. "I just told him, look, you know, 'trust us.' We're going to get our blocks. Everybody is 10 seconds, 10 seconds everything you got. Hold your guys up and let Jamison work, and we were able to do that today. He made a huge play. He's a great player, great guy, and I wouldn't want anyone else back there [returning punts]."

Crowder recorded the longest Redskins punt return since Richard Crawford's 64-yard return on Dec. 9, 2012 against the Baltimore Ravens.

In addition to his punt return, Crowder also scored his second touchdown of the season on a career-long 55-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter, to which, he credited the offensive line.

"I just saw great blocking," he said. "I really have to give credit to the o-line that got out and did a great job blocking. I was just trying to make sure I got to the end zone."

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