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Jason Campbell Media Session

On his status for the Jacksonville game:

"I'm going to play Thursday. I'm going to go out there and give it all I got the first quarter or however long I'm going to play. The main thing is to get the rhythm going before our first game."

On his knee injury:

"There is still some soreness that the doctor said will be there for a little bit. I'm not taking any kind of risk by playing so I'm ok to go out and play Thursday. Right now my main objective is to get back out at practice tomorrow and go full speed so I can come out Thursday and get in a rhythm. Miami is right around the corner. The big picture will be here soon so we have to keep our eye on it."

On if there is still swelling:

"Most of the swelling is gone. I don't feel like there will be any risk to go out there on Thursday. By Thursday, it should be ready to go."

On if he can drop back and plant on his knee fully:

"Today was my second day going full speed on it. The first day was Saturday in pre-game. The more I did it, the looser it became. Once I got into a rhythm and the knee got into a rhythm, everything felt ok."

On if he's 100 percent:

"I'm still working towards that. A lot of times you have to play in games when you're not 100% Week in and week out in the NFL. It's a very physical game. There will be a lot of games where you're not 100 percent but I feel I'm close enough to play."

On what he has been working on to improve his knee:

"Tomorrow will be first full day of practice. Right now I've just been doing drops, dropping passes and throwing the ball with no offensive line or defensive line. So tomorrow will be the first day back and we'll take steps from there after seeing how I go through a full practice."

On if he feels pressure to get back out on the field:

"It's part of the process. When you're the quarterback and leader of the team, the one thing the quarterback can't do is have too much time away from it because you lose your rhythm and you lose your edge. So it's very important for a quarterback not to miss too much time because all the things we worked so hard on over the summer, you don't want to lose it before we get ready to start the season."

On the importance of him getting in the end zone this preseason:

"We're real confident. If you look at the offense, just the first team alone, going into last week's game we were 11 of 19 in third downs and that's a big improvement. We're just moving the ball. We feel comfortable moving the ball. Right now, we're just trying to get everyone back healthy. There are a lot of different injuries."

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