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Jason Campbell Media Session

On the excitement of starting his first NFL game on Sunday and when he found out:

"Today after we watched film Coach Gibbs met with Mark (Brunell), Todd (Collins) and me. He told me about the situation that they have made a decision and to go out there and work hard and do my best. The main thing I talked about is how much respect I had for Mark and what a great guy I thought he was and that he has been a mentor to me and a guy I love being around. I have always supported him in everything he has done. Anytime you are in that position you know it's tough. It's a beginning of a new era for me as far as my standpoint. I just want to continue being myself and work hard. I am going to take things just one day at a time and one step."

On his reaction when Coach Joe Gibbs told him about the quarterback change:

"Shock...You know anytime someone calls you into an office, it's just like when the principal calls you into the office. You kind of get a little jittery you do know what to expect. Once I got in there and sat down with him we talked about the whole situation and then a lot of excitement. Basically, you are excited to get an opportunity to play in this league and be a starter for the Washington Redskins at the same time a part of you feels down for your mentor Mark. Right now I understand I have to do what I have to do to help the team."

On how prepared he is to run the offense now compared to two months ago:

"I am a lot more prepared than I was two months ago because we were putting in another new system the sixth one in six years and I am trying to feel my way around this one and get comfortable in it. I had an opportunity to work with Bill Lazor (Quaterbacks Coach) after practice and I think that helped out a lot. The last three weeks I have been getting reps with the starters and getting a good feel for them. I feel like I am more prepared than I was two months ago."

On playing Tampa Bay on the road in his first start:

"Tampa Bay is a good team. They are a whole lot better than their record. In the NFL it's a game of inches and small things separate the great teams. They are a great team and I think it's going to be a challenge on the road, but my teammates around me work hard and I know I have good support."

On what do you think you can bring to this offense to help it:

"Just be myself. I need to do the things that got me to this point in my life. Just being able to move around a little bit. We will see how it goes. I am sure we are going to do differently with me in there than things they did with Mark, we are two different types of quarterbacks. I just look forward to the challenge."

On if he thinks he can open things up downfield:

"I think that I can help stretch the field with those downfield throws, I do feel that way at the same time you have to be smart about that decision about when to throw it down field and when to check it down also. I think both of it goes hand and hand the more I play the more comfortable I get the better I become from week to week."

On if starting at QB is a week-to-week move or all season long:

"Basically I was told that it's my job and we are ready to go in a new direction and it's my job and I have to approach it that way. If that means spending extra time watching film and spending time after practice working with the receivers a little later to make sure we have our timing down. That is the main thing getting your chemistry with your receivers that you have not been throwing to that much since the season started, to get your timing down with the receivers and get the timing down with the running backs. A lot of that is just getting used to each other."

On if he thinks he is coming in to save the season or just get experience:

"I just want to come in and do whatever I can do to help the team. Just take everything one week at a time. You play the game to win. You just go out there and play hard and give it my all to win and you never know what can happen we have seven games left in the regular season you never know what can happen. You just have to approach everyday and every week just ready to go to work."

On if he questioned the coach's confidence in him because they did not play him earlier:

"I did not question their confidence. I thought it was a situation in which they felt more comfortable with a veteran in there at the time. I think it was a situation in which the coaches and coach Gibbs are at the standpoint of their life and their coaching career that they are trying to win the whole thing right now. I think that was the key and a guy like Mark, a veteran, who has been to the AFC Championship and a couple of Pro Bowls they feel like he is a guy who can get things jumpstarted in the right direction."

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