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Jason Campbell Media Session

On getting the running game and the passing game on track:

"You always have to start out with the run first. The run sets up everything else that you do offensively. The last couple of weeks we weren't able to have a strong run game so we weren't able to use play action, or anything off of it. Now, it feels good to have our running game back and have it going. I think it's definitely going to help setup everything else that we do offensively."

On how much heat they have taken being a 5-3 team:

"Yeah, the object of the NFL is to win. It doesn't matter how you win. The whole goal is to go out there every Sunday and win. Some games are not going to be as pretty as others. The one thing is if you can look up on Monday morning and you got a W, that's all that matters. You just have to move on to the next week from that standpoint. We had a lot of close games this year. Giants game, we were 17-3 at halftime. People forget. In the Green Bay game, we had chances to win that game. We're still a good football team. The only game where we really got dominated was the Patriots game."

On not having a receiver with a touchdown reception all season:

"I would have said that would be crazy because of all of the talent and ability that we have. At the same time, once we get in those areas we do run the football very successfully in the red zone. That's what we lean towards sometimes. Overall, we just have to continue to keep fighting. Sometimes touchdowns can come in bunches and you just have to continue to keep pushing. You look at a guy like Drew Brees (New Orleans Quarterback). His first four games were not the way he wanted to start, but you look at his last four games, he has been on fire. You always have to keep confidence in everything that you are doing and stay positive and just understand that things can quickly turn around."

On how much Cover 2 he has seen this season and how it has affected taking deeper chances:

"We have seen a lot of it the past two to three weeks. At the same time, we just have to figure out a way to beat it and continue to throw the ball and just work our progressions and move the ball down the field. Whether you're hitting big pass plays or you're just hitting short passes. Sometimes short passes keep a drive going. The object is just to get the ball down the field and get it in the red zone with the opportunity to score touchdowns. I think that is the standpoint that we have to look at. You just have to take what the defense gives you. You can't start trying to force the ball. You can't get frustrated because teams do that. You just have to stay within the system, stay within what you do best and just work the ball down the field."

On what is it going to take to connect on deep passes:

"Those are things you continue to work on, during practice and after practice. You have to just put in the work and try to get those routes. We know we can hit those routes. It's something we continue to work on. Right now, at this standpoint, we have eight games left in the regular season. We just have to take each game one game at a time. Like coach was telling us today, every game is different. Sometimes you may come out and run it 50 times. Sometimes you may come out and throw it 35. Every game is different. We just have to prepare ourselves from a week to week basis."

On if he is comfortable enough to take more chances:

"I'm very comfortable with our offense. I had all off-season and OTAs. Right now we're just playing a game. Whatever play that comes in the huddle, our job is to execute the play, no matter what kind of play it is. We just need to execute the play and believe in what we're doing as an offense. Let the coaches do the coaching and we do the playing. I think that will help get us through the next step. Just like I said, coaches get paid to coach and we get paid to play. We're not paid to be coaches and coaches aren't paid to be players. We just have to go out there and deal the hand that we're dealt with and make it work and go with it."

On if risk taking is in his nature:

"I like to take a lot of shots sometimes. I don't go out there and play the game to be timid or be scared to take shots. You look at Brett Favre. He has thrown a lot of touchdowns. He has a lot of interceptions. At the same time, he would miss out on a lot of great plays if he didn't take chances. I definitely take a lot of chances sometimes just to give my guys opportunities to make plays."

On if they attack differently when they know the secondary is banged up:

"Every guy is different. Sometimes you think things will work out better that way, but sometimes it doesn't just because when there is another guy in the game you really haven't had a lot of film on him. He could be an outstanding player and go out there and make plays. You definitely can't look at it as that kind of situation because each guy is different. Each guy brings something different to the table. I think the one thing we have to do in those areas is just worry about the things we need to improve on a week to week basis. Now we head into a big game. This is probably the biggest game so far this season at this standpoint because it's a division point."

On if he thought he was going to get blitzed more the first time they played the Eagles:

"They blitzed us pretty good, but at the same time we were able to work on our sights and hots as receivers and quarterbacks. The offensive line did a good job of helping us to be able to run the ball also. When you're able to be a balanced offense it helps everything out because it keeps pressure off of doing just one thing offensively very well. The one thing we want to do is just be a balanced team."

On this Sunday being his 16th NFL start:

"It seems like it is going by fast. We're already in November this year. The season is going by really fast but time it's been fun. I have learned a lot and I continue to learn a lot but it's a growth process. Of course you're playing but you have a lot of expectations out of yourself that you want to try and reach. So I continue to try each week, to try to grow and continue to get better and just continue to get everyone back."

On what he has learned the most since become the starting quarterback:

"Just how fast it has gone by. Overall, I think what helped me out this season was having the whole off-season to prepare myself and be able to get in there and take snaps with the first team players. That has been a big difference this season."

On Brandon Lloyd (WR, #85) missing a meeting:

"We're in the NFL. When you're at this level, guys have to take it upon themselves to make sure they're doing the things they need to do and make sure they are at the right place at the right time. It's a blessing and an opportunity to play in the National Football League. You can talk to that guy and just encourage him to do the right things and make the right decisions. It also comes up to that one person. I don't know what was the reason behind missing a meeting, but that's between him and Coach Gibbs. You just try to continue to encourage the guy and make sure he has the right attitude about what we're trying to achieve."

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