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Jason Campbell Media Session

On the upcoming game versus the Lions:

"We just never know how the game's going to go. Sometimes you can be in a high scoring game, you can be in a low scoring game and sometimes it's the opposite. We just have to prepare ourselves for whatever game that we need to go out and play to get ourselves in a good position to win the game."

On the injuries and additions to the receivers:

"It's been that way since training camp started, a lot of injuries in different positions. Our offensive line really hasn't been together all of training camp and during the season, and how it's our receiving corps. The one thing that we have going for us right now is that we have a lot of depth at those positions and that's what you need. We weren't anticipating the injuries that we had so early in the season, but things happen. It is the NFL and when things like that happen the guys behind them have to step up. When they're granted the opportunity they just have to take advantage of it. I think they've done a great job of doing that. One reason why is Coach [Gibbs] did an outstanding this off-season going out and getting players that add depth to those positions."

On if he has to do anything specific to make things work with new receivers:

"They're experienced guys, so that's a plus. The only thing that we have to do together now is just build chemistry and us get use to throwing and catching from each other. Once we get on top of that then everything else is just back to playing football. Keenan's (McCardell, WR, #80) been in the League a long time. I told him I was an elementary guy when he was in his first year in the NFL, so we were joking about that. Santana (Moss, WR, #89) said ?yeah, I was in middle school.' It's all fun though, we enjoy it. I'm glad that we got him. He's a guy like Randle El (Antwaan, WR, #82). He's a leader and a guy that really means business."

On if he is disappointed that Antwaan Randle El (WR, #82) and Santana Moss (WR, #89) are the only wide receivers with catches:

"A little bit, because of how explosive we can be as an offense, but at the same time it means when you're given an opportunity to do well do it to the best you can do it. It's the only thing you can do. Overall, I feel like the guys are just being competitive. James Thrash (WR, #83) is an outstanding guy. He comes to practice every day. He does everything one hundred percent, full speed. Brandon Lloyd (WR, #85) has been a guy that's been quiet. He's just been going to work, doing his business. He runs scout team routes, he runs our offense, so he's really been getting involved in a lot of ways in practice. Like I told you, you never know when your day is going to come so you always have to stay alert and stay ready because when that time comes you don't want to miss that opportunity."

On how it will affect his passing game if Santana Moss (WR, #89) cannot play:

"We have a lot of guys that are able to go out there and get the job done. I feel like Randle El (WR, #82), he stepped up this off-season. With Brandon Lloyd (WR, #85) and Keenan McCardell (WR, #80) and Reche Caldwell (WR, #86) we still have guys that can make plays for us. James Thrash (WR, #83) is a very reliable guy. He's always stepped in and done an outstanding job when he's given the opportunity. I still feel like we have a lot of guys that can make plays for us."

On if he expects Clinton Portis (RB, #26) to be at 100 percent:

"We expect to have Clinton behind us. Right now I think he's just dealing with a situation where he's just trying to make sure he's 100 percent before he gets back in to practice. We understand. With Clinton on the football field on Sunday, he gives it all. He's blocking, he's running, he gives everything a 110 percent, so we always know he'll be ready."

On the Philadelphia Eagles scoring 56 points against the Lions:

"You watch that game and you go back and watch the Chicago game, and it's totally different. They're like two totally different defenses. Like I said, you just can't predicate the game off of that or what happened against the Eagles. Some games you just catch people on their off day. Overall, they're still 3-1. The things they've done against Chicago are very impressive. We understand it's going to be a tough challenge."

On the fact that the Lions have not won a game in the Washington, D.C. area:>

"I didn't know that. We just have to continue playing football. They're 3-1 right now. They're an NFC opponent and we're 2-1, so we have a lot to play for on both sides of the ball. We understand that they're going to come in here and do well as they should. They're a good team right now. They're 3-1 and they have a lot of swagger. They're very comfortable in what they're doing. We're very impressed by what we see on camera from them. They're a good team."

On if taking extra work with the receivers is what it takes to gain chemistry:

"Definitely. After you have the off week you don't want to lose anything or lose a step backwards. We had a good practice but we also wanted to get some more throws in after practice and especially with the new guys, Keenan McCardell (WR, #80) and Reche Caldwell (WR, #86) we didn't have the chance to throw to each other as much. We had the opportunity to go out there after practice. It's a big deal for us on Monday to get out there and prepare for the rest of the week."

On how much pressure is on Casey Rabach (OL, #61) with the offensive line being banged up:

"Casey is like another quarterback out there. When it comes to the offensive line make sure he's getting all the guys in the right place at the right time, he's like an extra quarterback taking care of that part of it. My job is to take care of everything else. He's been doing an outstanding job at doing that. We have a lot of guys that are out right now, but at the same time he's doing a great job with keeping the ones that are in there right now together."

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