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Jason Campbell Media Session

On his first start of his career being in Tampa last season:

"It seems like it wasn't that long ago. It has been a year already. It is very exciting. It just shows you how much things can turn in a year. Right now I feel good as a player. I am just trying to continue to get better each week and continue to grow."

On what he remembers about his first start of his career in Tampa last season:

"What I really enjoyed about the game was it gave me the opportunity to see where I was at as a second year quarterback on a field against a real good defense and team at the time. Being able to play in Tampa is a special feeling because it has nice weather and you can see the cannon go off at the beginning of the game. You are already nervous becasue it's your first NFL start and then they are shooting that cannon which didn't make it any easier."

On how much more he can improve after such a great performance last week:

"We have to keep working. We can not get satisfied where we are at. We are growing and in a process. We just have to stay hungry. We are 5-5 right now and we have to find some way to get things together as quickly as possible and get people back healthy. We are going down the stretch run right now and we are going to need everyone back."

On if he personally felt last week was a breakout game:

"Personally it was one of those games where you get into a rhythm. I thought the Philly game was another game where I got into a rhythm early in the game and it carried through the rest of the game. A lot of games this season the coaches have gotten involved early in the game and have given me the opportunity to get into a rhythm as a quarterback. Not just me but the receivers and running backs as well. When you are talking about the passing game you are talking about all the guys together. You are talking about the offensive line giving us time to throw the ball. The importance of it is that now we are able to be a balanced team people can't just focus on the pass or focus on the run. That is what you try and do, become a balanced offense."

On if there was something that happened that got the offense all on the same page or was it just the right time and right place:

"We have been working on it all up until this point. We have been doing little things week to week, just trying out different things and they seem to work. There are some things that we continue to stick with. One thing for us right now is that everyone knows what they are doing. We are not out there guessing at what we are supposed to be doing. We are all on the same page. It took a while because there were so many different faces in the huddle every week. Now that we have a consistent group in there week in and week out we will be able to work together."

On Anthony Mix (WR, #19):

"Mix is a guy I played with three years at Auburn. He is a tremendous athlete. He has a lot of height and good hands. He is a great pick up for us. At the same time he has a great group of guys around him to work with. He can learn a lot from the older guys that we have here. It is an exciting opportunity for him to be here with some guys that he has played ball with before."

On Tampa Bay's Cover 2 defense:

"It is something that they play very well. I think they are probably the best tam to play it out of anybody. It originally started there. I have the utmost respect for those guys on that side of the ball because they do a great job of reacting to the receivers or reacting to the running backs one that have the ball in their hand. That is something that will definitely be a challenge for us this week playing against a Cover-2 defense."

On the Tampa Bay Bucs safeties:

"They have two safeties that will hit you. We were watching film today and those two guys they remind me a lot of LaRon (Landry, S #30). LaRon is the guy that comes out of nowhere and lays the helmet on someone. They do that very well. The are a very physical defense and it is going to be a tremendous challenge."

On throwing the ball so much last game:

"It just keeps defenses on their toes. We are a totally different offense than what we were at the beginning of the year. It's like night and day. The reason for that is because we had an opportunity to be consistent with the same group of guys in the huddle. We had an opportunity to get Keenan (McCardell, WR #80) in here. He knows the offense now and is running great routes for us. Guys are stepping up all over the place. That is what we needed at this time of the year because you want to be your best towards the end of November going into December. That is a positive sign for us right now."

On still being in the playoff hunt:

"We are definitely still in the playoff picture. One thing we can not do is get down on ourselves. We played on the road against some tough teams. We went toe to toe with Green Bay in Green Bay and we went toe to toe with Dallas in Dallas. We lost two heart breakers at home to Philly and the Giants. We are definitely a team that is right in the thick of things in the NFC. We just didn't finish those games. If we finish those games who knows where we would be sitting right now? One thing we have to understand is that we are a good football team. What matters now is that we are 5-5 and what we have to do the rest of the season to get into the playoffs."

On getting Santana Moss (WR, #89) back:

"It was very important to get him back in his groove. Santana is an exciting player. He has had to overcome some injuries this season but the one thing about it is when he stepped on the field on Sunday he was ready to go. He made some outstanding plays and catches for us. He is a guy that we definitely need to keep involved in our offense because at any given time he can break a play and give us the boost that we need."

On comparing and contrasting his feeling during his first start of his career to now:

"Last year at this time, I was just trying to figure out where I was at as a quarterback. It was your first start and you are on the road. You don't know what to expect and you don't really know the speed of the defenses. Now it is totally opposite. You had an opportunity to stat 17 games. You know the speed of the game and know what to expect going into a game. You know your whole offense now so it is not a situation where you only know half of it. You are able to run the full offense. It gives you a lot of confidence and now you are able to just go out there and play and not think so much."

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