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Jason Campbell Media Session

On feeling extra pressure starting at home:

"I don't feel any extra pressure. I have to go out there and take it one play at a time and one snap at a time. We are going against a tremendous defense, they have a lot of guys who can go out there and make plays and their front seven is incredible. If you look at their secondary they've got some big players so it's going to be a big task for us."

On what positives he saw on his first performance:

"You always see throws in which you wish you could have back. All of that comes with more game time experience. There were some things in which you saw quicker, but that all comes to getting back into that game rhythm."

On if he feels he needs to 'Watch his back' against the Panthers defense:

"I trust my offensive line. I trust the guys around me. I can't drop back and worry about what's around me. I need to worry about the things I need to do to get the ball down the field or just move the ball around. I feel very comfortable in my offensive line and my running backs."

On what the meetings are like last week against Tampa to this week against Carolina:

"Last week it felt kind of different because it's your first time in there with the offense as a starter and second off you are still kind of excited so you are trying to get your emotions to slow down for you. That is the big difference between last week and this week. "

On if they are adding to the game plan with him at quarterback:

"We are still doing some of the same things we were doing with Mark (Brunell, QB #8). Some things we do just a little differently. As far as the game plan we have enough plays that we try to go into the game with."

On getting Santana Moss (WR #89) back healthy:

"He is the type of guy who is real explosive and can do whatever he wants when he gets the ball in his hands. He is a guy who has exceptional speed and does things most people can not do. It is good having him back in the huddle just his presence"

On what he is thankful for with the upcoming holiday:

"I feel blessed for the opportunity to still be here and thankful for my family and my teammates and everyone I get a chance to work with on a daily basis. I am always thankful for a lot of this because a lot people are thankful for the position that I am in right now."

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