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Jason Campbell Media Session

On if it is different being able to throw to the starting receivers instead of just watching from the sideline:

"It is a lot different. You see them come out of their breaks a lot more. You have seen them do it over and over because you are throwing the ball over and over. It is different when you are watching them come out of their breaks and you are actually throwing to them. Over those last couple of weeks it has meant a lot to me to have the opportunity to throw with them each day. You have so many different receivers that run so many different routes it is tough. That chemistry is something that is built over the summer time."

On how he would describe his experience over the last five weeks:

"It has been a good experience. I wish we had a lot more wins. We lost some tough, really close ones. It is tough when you go out and play so hard and you still come up short. It is something that you can build off of. I feel like we are so close to getting over the edge to being a good football team. We have to continue to keep pressing on and continue to keep working."

On if he would prefer that everyone from this team comes back next season:

"You want to build that unity and build chemistry. It is a matter of guys sticking together, staying together and having the opportunity in the off season to work together. If you are changing a lot it makes things difficult because it is like you are starting over again."

On if taking losses is harder at the pro level because your livelihood is on the line:

"It is very different. When you lose at this level it means so much because it is so hard to win at this level. The opportunity that you have to win those games, you want to win them. When you lose at this level it is difficult because you are competing for jobs year in and year out. You want to try to stay in the NFL and do the things you can do to help your team win. Right now we are going through a difficult time as a whole team. We need to stick together and finish this game out strong and get ready for next year."

On this weekend's game against the New York Giants:

"It is going to be a big game for us. Everyone knows what's riding on this game for the Giants. They are going to come in and play very competitive. They have a good football team. We just have to go out there Saturday and play with a lot of pride like we have been doing the last couple of weeks and do the things we want to do offensively, defensively and on special teams to finish the year out."

On the offensive line:

"Our offensive line is probably one of the best in the NFL. The way they are moving the defensive line and opening holes for our running backs and the job they have done on pass protection has been outstanding. I look forward to working with those guys and hopefully keeping them all together."

On how much they are using the possibility that they could keep the Giants out of the playoffs as motivation:

"We are not looking at it from that standpoint. We are looking at it as playing for Redskins pride. It is another divisional game against another divisional opponent. We want to finish the year out on the right note."

On how important it is to win this last game at home:

"It is important. We want to go into the off season feeling pretty good. People remember what you do last. We want to try and go out and do something special Saturday and try to come in next season with a different mindset and different attitude with the way we approach the season."

On how important it is to not lose Derrick Dockery (OG, #66):

"It is important to me because we are friends as well as teammates. He is a young guy and if we can keep as many of those guys around and continue to build this house it is very important."

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