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Jason Campbell Media Session

On whether he was surprised by the amount of points the offense scored in the last eight games:

"I was very surprised. That is something that we will have to come up with in the offseason--a way to create more opportunities downfield to attack defenses and to score more points. We are all in our first year in the offense and to finish 8-8 is not acceptable, it is under our standards. It is not something that we will accept. We would like to be a team that can win 12 or more games. Those are teams that are really elite playoff teams."

On his grasp of the offense:

"I feel comfortable. I think we need to develop more of a downfield attack this offseason to put more pressure on teams. Overall, I feel comfortable with everything as far of making the reads, making the drops and getting the ball out."

On how the season could have been different with a couple more wins:

"If we win the games that we were supposed to win, we would be sitting here at 11-5 or better. That is the problem, we didn't win the games that we were supposed to have won, that we should have won down the stretch. That is something that we have to look back at and see what went wrong and what happened. I am pretty sure that injuries had a lot to do. We have to find a way to win the games that we are supposed to win if we ever want to be an elite team in this league."

On the development of receivers Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly:

"It is good to have them here for the offseason. I am sure those two guys will be guys who stick around catch some balls, catch some passes and really mature because we have to count on them. There will come a time as you saw this season, that we got away with just Santana [Moss], [Chris] Cooley and [Antwaan] Randle El catching a couple of routes. When the latter part of the season came and we started facing some of those tough defenses, teams start to make you have to use your younger guys. We have to make sure that we mature there in the offseason and make sure that we are on the same page together. It is not about how fast you are or what kind of talent you have because you have to understand the different concepts of route running and gain confidence. A lot of that just has to do with experience."

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