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Jason Campbell Post-game Press Conference

September 20, 2009 FedExField


On the sprained ankle he suffered during the second quarter:
"Yeah, I can't remember what play it was. A guy just kind of rolled it up and it was kind of tender the rest of the game. I just kept trying to fight through it and not pay any attention to it. But, one of the guys did catch me. I can't remember what play it was."

On moving the ball successfully, but failing to find success in the red zone:
"It's tough. We had two dropped touchdown passes early in the game that would have put us up 14-0. You would have a totally different game. When you keep getting field goals, you keep teams hungry. With a team like St. Louis, you give them confidence and they continue to fight and continue to stay in the game. The touchdowns mean a lot to us because it gives us a little leeway and freedom to do some different things."

On the emotional effect of not scoring touchdowns:
"It's frustrating. You're able to move the ball up and down the field – I'm not sure how many third downs we ended up getting today – but you'd like to score points. A lot of it just has to do with attitude and the mentality that we're going to score. We've got to understand that every time we get the ball, we have to play every play as hard as we do when we hear a big play called."

On the effectiveness of the no-huddle offense:
"It feels good. It's something that the guys are comfortable with, the receivers are very comfortable with, and it gives us the opportunity to change the tempo of the game. We were going to do it longer, but the situation called for us to huddle back up. To us it's fun, so we enjoy it. It spreads people out and gives us the opportunity to see the field."

On the effect of guard Randy Thomas being injured:
"Other guys have to step up and we have to help them along the way. It's definitely tough because Randy [Thomas] has that experience, and that experience helps you a lot in these games because you've seen a lot of looks that you may not have practiced, but when you see it in the game, you've seen it somewhere before and can adjust to it. Whereas, with a younger guy, it's something totally different."

On getting the win, even with an imperfect performance:
"Guys have got to understand, at this level, it's hard to win. And anytime you get a win, you take it for what it's worth and you move on and you get ready for the next week. Last year, we were rolling really well and this is the same team we lost to, 17-16. So, would you rather be on the opposite end of it, trying to improve your season? Or, would you rather be on the winning side of it and say, 'Let's go. We can improve. Let's get better and let's go win?' That's the attitude you've got to have. You can't worry about how everyone expects you to play against a team because last year this is the team that beat us; the team that really broke our season. This year, we came out on the other side of it. Was it pretty? It wasn't pretty at all. But, you learn from it and you move on. Next time you come out and play, you want to be impressive, and then you get an attitude about it."

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