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Jason Campbell Post-Game Press Conference

On throwing deep and being aggressive early in Saturday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers:

"Yeah, that's something we talked about, just trying to take a shot deep. We'd like to complete them, but at the same time it does more for us than just putting up yards in the stat book. It gave us opportunities to back them off of us a little bit and to let some underneath routes come open. Last week we didn't get a chance to take any shots deep so it was good."

On how deep balls contribute to opening up the running game:

"It helps out with the running game because it gets an extra man out of the box and that's what you need. Throwing the ball deep puts that threat in the defense so they have to back up a little bit. There will be a couple times where we'll be able to hit them and complete them and keep moving. One thing we have to do is continue to take those shots."

On if the offense was better this week than it was against the Baltimore Ravens:

"I felt like we played with more passion. I felt like we came off the ball well and ran the ball well. We had a 14-play drive against a defense like Pittsburgh's and you could see they were doing a little bit of everything, standing guys up on 3rd down and bringing a lot of pressure. I thought our offensive line did a good job of picking the guys up and the receivers trying to get open as quick as possible. You know they're bringing heat, but you don't know from where when they're standing guys up like that."

On how it felt to move the ball on the opening drive:

"It felt good to get there and get playing. We wanted to take some shots. It gives the opportunity to back the defense up and try to make some plays downfield. They did a good job of covering our screen plays and we had to dump it. Overall, we moved the ball well. They played good defense too."

On the offense gaining confidence from moving the ball on the opening drive:

"We got into a rhythm. We were moving the ball and we were feeling comfortable. We tried to make quick decisions and take what they were giving us. That is how we moved the ball downfield on the first drive."

On what the offense can approve on for next week:

"We took our shots and hopefully we can start hitting them. You have to take them in preseason. We will start hitting them soon. It feels good to comfortable with the guys and throw a couple passes downfield in the game."

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