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Jason Campbell Post-Game Press Conference

On Ladell Betts:
"You can't say enough about the guy. He just continues to work hard in practice, and continues to come out here in the game and give 100 percent effort. It doesn't surprise me. That's just the type of attitude he has, and that's just the type of player he is. The offensive line did a great job of giving him some holes to run through. Him and Rock [Cartwright] did a good job of giving each other rest when they needed it."

On the offensive line's play:"They played great. It reminded me of the second half last week in Atlanta, the way they came out and played. They did a great job in pass protection. They did a great job run blocking. Like I said, that's the players of the game, the way they came out and fought. It's a new group of guys. Levi [Jones], it's his first [start] in over a year. He did a great job at left tackle protecting my blind side. We all will continue to keep working. It's just good to feel a win for a change. Hopefully we can continue to work harder and get some more."

On the offense spreading the ball around:
"It felt good to move the ball around to different places. We started the game off fast and then the second quarter we kind of sputtered a little bit. I missed two or three throws. We just have to continue to work with each other in practice, making sure we are on the same page on zone routes and man routes. We will continue to get better at that. [Chris] Cooley has been out for a while so me and Fred [Davis] are trying to build a relationship and getting on the same page."

On Todd Yoder:"I call him 'Touchdown Yoder.' He always finds a way. He never gets the ball in practice. Then you come in the game and he's always the one who is open. We probably could have had a chance to get him two touchdowns today. The play he was talking about, he told us, 'You all aren't reading my side but I can guarantee you I will be open.' What happened when we went back, flipped through it, and who's open? Todd Yoder. I said, 'We're going to have to start listening to you more Yoder."

On Devin Thomas:"Devin has fought through adversity and continues to keep fighting. He had a big third-down play when they took away the run. You look across and he has off coverage. He took the short pass and turned it into a long gain. The way he fought for extra yardage – it's big. That just goes to show you that his attitude is getting better and getting where he wants to be. It's just good to see guys like him and Malcolm [Kelly] have a big play. Malcolm had a short catch and turned it into a big gain also."

On the fan support:
"As loud as it got in the second half, it was great. I think the guys fed off the energy of the crowd. That is how you have to be. Every play isn't going to be perfect. Every series isn't going to be perfect. You can't get down on your guys. You have to find that uplift. Sometimes the fans cheering the way they cheered, gives them that motivation to come out. I thought that was very important in the second half."

On the offensives production:
"It definitely feels better because you beat a good football team. It's not a team that isn't high up there in the rankings. You definitely beat a good football team. That is definitely encouraging for us. Like I said, coming off the second half of the Atlanta game against a good football team on the road, the way we fought back in the second half gave us confidence. Coming into this game we felt like if we could run the ball successfully, everything would come off of it. It would take pressure off the offensive line and take pressure off the quarterback because it doesn't give them the chance to just tee off and blitz us."

On how important it was to establish the running game:"The running game is very important. Play action doesn't work when you don't have a run game. When you are running the ball, one thing it does it wear the defense down. The other thing it does is keep the defense off balance. They can't just blitz us and know that we have to drop back. The one thing that was very important today was that we didn't get down by two scores. We got down a score and we bounced back. When your down two scores it's a little tougher to come back from that. Running the football carries a lot of weight in the offense."

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