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Jason Campbell Post-Game Press Conference

On the game against the Kansas City Chiefs:

"In the first half, I didn't even know if I was at FedExField. It was the first time in my career I had ever had three picks, even pee wee, high school, college or pros. The first thing I was thinking about was, 'why me, why is this happening?' Everything happens for a reason. One thing that I was proud of was that my teammates and coaches never gave up on me and they kept believing. We came out in the second half and I just wanted to start out fresh. Early in the game I was pressing too much. I felt like I had to motivate guys. I felt like I had to do more than my job. When I started to do that I forgot about the way that I need to do things – the way to help us move the ball and win. A lessoned well learned by me today was try to do what you can do and not try to take care of everybody. You can't do everything. You can't do everybody's job."

On his ability to mentally reestablish himself:

"When the defense got that interception, and [DeAngelo] Hall got that interception, I felt something come off of me – like a relief. I felt like I could just go out in the second half - I was playing a little conservative, I was a little timid at times because I had a fumble earlier in the game. I was thinking in my head I need to protect the football. After that point I said, 'That's not going to help us win. It's not going to help us get into the end zone.' So the second half I came out and I said, 'I need to take some chances.' In the first half I was timid, I didn't run. I wanted to stay in the pocket and throw. In the second half I said that if I was there, 'I'm running unless they take it away.'

On Santana Moss's touchdown catch:

"That's something that we have been working on for two or three weeks in practice. Today we dialed it up. What a great route by him to go get the ball and score. That's two weeks in a row that he has had a big reception and had big play. Those are things that we need in our offense and things that continue to keep working. [Chris] Cooley did an awesome job on fourth down. We had a play designed to go to Santana [Moss] and it's a one-man route. Cooley, just knowing how to find a way to get open, and just knowing the quarterback is running out of time or that something is covered – he did a good job of sliding open. That helped keep that drive alive."

On the defenses reaction to the play fake on the touchdown pass to Santana Moss:

"When I come out in play-fake, one thing that I try to do is find out where the safety is. I trust Santana [Moss] to beat the corner, I just try to find out where the safety was to keep him from getting over there to make a play on the ball. That's just trust that the receiver will beat his man and you have to beat the safety with the ball. It was pretty good play action. Clinton [Portis] did a pretty good job selling it on the play action and that's something because we were running the ball successfully. I think that's something that got them to come up."

On Coach Zorn's support during the game:

"That wasn't going through my head. We were still discussing things on the sideline. I was like, 'Coach I'm going to get it together. I don't know what is going on right now.' I think a lot of that has to do because he played the position. He has probably had one of those days and to understand how important it is to let the guy in there to fight through this and not give up."

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