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Jason Campbell Post-Game Press Conference

On what the team needs to do to turn things around:
"The first thing is to take this bye week and do what we can to get healthy. We just have to find a way to re-focus and continue to fight. We're 2-5 and we've put ourselves in a bit of a hole, but if we continue to work hard and persevere, anything can happen."

On what the loss of tight end Chris Cooley means:
"It's definitely a big loss. We're going to miss his presence a lot. Chris [Cooley] has such a vast knowledge of the game and he knows, based on certain coverages, when to break off a route, or take it up field, or find a soft spot in the zone. In his absence though, [tight end] Fred [Davis] played real well. The first thing Fred said to me when Chris went down was, 'Just trust me. I can do this.' Now, it's his opportunity and I think he will build on his effort tonight and play very well for us."

On offensive consultant Sherman Lewis' play-calling:
"We took some chances and tried to hit some things downfield. The Eagles are always going to bring a lot of pressure and they also play their safety way back. Sometimes you have to come off of those deep routes and check down to our underneath routes. The play-calling wasn't an issue at all tonight. The plays came in real quick and things went very smoothly."

On the Eagles pass rush:
"Philly brings a lot of packages. They are a great defense and always tough to go up against. We need to work on getting our offensive line healthy. We've also got [tackle] Levi Jones now and he's working as hard as he can to learn the system and give us a little more depth and experience. You have to give Philly's defense credit; they made plays tonight when they had to."

On the difference between offensive consultant Sherman Lewis calling the plays and Head Coach Jim Zorn calling them:
"It's really not about the play-calling. Players have to execute when the plays are called. There has been too much emphasis on the play-calling. We just need to work on getting more focused and working as hard as we can to prepare and get better as a football team."

On if he is surprised that the team is 2-5:
"I'm very surprised. During two-a-days and throughout training camp we felt very excited and very optimistic about our chances this year. We knew in camp that if we had injuries along the offensive line, it was going to make things a little bit tougher. But, what we have to do is continue to work and get better as a unit. As a team, we're going to take the bye week, evaluate how things have gone so far, regroup and give our best effort in the second half of the season."

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