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Jason Campbell Post-Game Press Conference

On if losing to the Saints 33-30 was the toughest loss he has ever experienced:

"The last three [games] have been. We go to Dallas and play our butts off, and could have won that one. Then we go to Philly and we do the same thing. Then today, we do the same thing. To come out on the short end of the stick, that is definitely frustrating. You're looking at it and saying, 'We could have gotten all those games.' We would be 6-6 and our season is totally different right now – fighting for a playoff spot. We are 3-9. We take our hats off to the Saints. They are a great football team. Drew Brees is a great quarterback. We just have to continue to fight."

On how tough this loss was:

"This one stung the most. There were a lot of guys out there fighting today, trying to make plays. I think Devin – it was one of his best games as a pro since he has been in the league. Malcolm [Kelly] and Fred [Davis] continue to step up and make plays. Santana [Moss] and [Antwaan] Randle El continue to make plays. One thing that you will see us doing offensively now is not just forcing the ball. We are trying to get the ball to all the guys, giving all the guys an opportunity to make plays. If you look at the New Orleans Saints, they aren't going to have a 1,000-yard rusher, they aren't going to have a 1,000-yard receiver. They just do what it takes to throw the ball to the right guys."

On how hard it is to dominate the entire game, then lose in overtime:

"It's disappointing. It teaches you a lot about finishing. It's a four-quarter game, and you have to continue to fight until the clock goes all zeros. The last couple weeks have been tough losses. You can be a really good football team, but you like to be on the opposite side of the losing streak."

On if this was the strangest game he had been a part of:

"Yes. Definitely the strangest game I have been a part of. Kareem [Moore], on the ball, then you see it going back the other way - then the call on Mike [Sellers]. You have to take your hat off. They continue to make plays and we knew coming in it would be one of those types of games. You have to try to move the ball successfully and score points because you know that at some point in time they are a good enough offense to move the ball all the time."

On if the team expects bad things to happen because of the last few weeks:

"You try to block that out. Everyone keeps saying, 'Oh no here we go again.' We definitely still thought we had this game even when it went into overtime. We felt like we were the team to do what we were doing offensively, not having to worry abut, 'Hurry up hurry up' -- just work the time into our favor. We feel like we could have won that game in overtime. We were just going to run our basic offense all the way down the field."

On what felt different for him in his performance:

"A lot of it was just people being in the right place at the right time. That offensive line did a great job of picking up their stunts and blitzes, giving me an opportunity to see downfield. It was totally a group effort. It wasn't just about me, it was a group effort because you see guys catching short passes and then going deep. You see guys continuing their routes downfield. Like I said, with the protection that the offensive line gave today, along with the receivers, you couldn't ask for anything more."

On if Greg Williams came after the offense:

"He came after us a couple of times, but when he did we were able to hit the big plays off of it. I think that kept him from coming more and more. Every time they brought a full out blitz, or a lot of guys, we were able to hit a couple of receivers and they were able to get open. For the most part on all those stunts we knew that there was going to be one guy coming free that we couldn't protect. We were able to have time to hit the short route or throw it away."

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