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Jason Campbell Scrimmage Media Session

On his feelings of how well the first-team offense did:

"I would say 'part' first team offense. A lot of our guys were out but for the most part I thought we did very well and moved the ball right down the field. We should have converted for a touchdown but there are some things we can go back on film to correct that. For the most part we moved the ball. The only time we stopped ourselves was with turnovers."

On how he feels without his key players:

"In scrimmages, it's hard to get in the rhythm anyway, but I thought for the most part we made quick decisions and got the ball out of our hands. We let the guys make some decisions with the ball and move forward. But it's a little bit different because in a game situation there are a lot of different situations coming at you. Today was different, we were just trying to get a game atmosphere feeling before we start the preseason."

On progress made as an offense unit:

"Anytime you have injuries on offense there's a little bit of a concern because a lot of the things we do based off of timing and communication. The we can get guys healthy and back in the huddle, the better off we'll be because everyone will be on the same page. You have to practice together in order to reach that certain rhythm. A couple guys are nicked up but we're expecting them to be back soon and participating next week."

On pass protection:

"For the most part, it was very good. There were a couple breakdowns here and there. A lot of it has to do with the younger guys. They're in there learning and they're not sure just yet, but they're getting it."

On playing the Baltimore Ravens next week:

"We're going to face a great team come Thursday night. They're a team that applies a lot of pressure and it doesn't matter if it's preseason or regular season. They're going to bring pressure."

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