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Jason Campbell Scrimmage Media Session

On what he thought of the offense's performance in the intra-squad scrimmage:

"We started out fast, and then I think a few guys got dehydrated. It was good preparation for us though because we're going to be playing a few one o'clock games early in the season and it's going to be hot then. We need to learn how to focus when we're tired and dehydrated. It was the first scrimmage and we have a lot to build off of."

On the scrimmage:
"Today was an opportunity for us to measure where we're at as a team. We came out and competed well, but I think we still have a ways to go. We need to become more detail-oriented and focused."

On the first week of training camp:
"I'm proud of what we did and what we accomplished this week. I thought the guys fought hard, we stayed focused, everyone came out with the right attitude and we went to work. We've gotten into a rhythm as a unit."

On running the West Coast Offense:
"Each and every day you learn something new. We're putting in new plays. I feel very comfortable about what we're doing on offense. I just go out there and try and play the game and let the game come to me. I want to have fun with it."

On the first preseason game next week:
"We'll be ready. It's a preseason game, so it's just for us to go out there and continue to build on what we're trying to accomplish for the season. Each week is going to be different and give everybody an opportunity to play and have fun. I think the guys are looking forward to it. I'm just going to go out and play the game. I take each game as they come, one week at a time."

On the tempo of the offense:
"You're going to be more comfortable with certain plays and may hold back a second on other plays, but it only happened a couple of times today. Sometimes you're misaligned and you're not expecting that guy to be in that position. We've got a lot to learn and we've got to keep working, but we got off to a good start."

On the defense being ahead of the offense:
"Defense should always be ahead. The defense isn't really learning a new defense they're just adding on to what they already know. We're starting from scratch. In training camp, the defense should be ahead until the offense catches up because we're learning whole new schemes."

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