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Jason Campbell Training Camp Media Session


On today's practice:
"It was hot. It was good work. Coach [Zorn] said they were going to throw a lot at us, a lot of different situations, and I think a lot of the guys responded very well. The offense had their moments, the defense had their moments. That's how it's going to be."

On Malcolm Kelly:
"We're going to try and get him the ball. It was the first time we actually had him out there and healthy. It was good to have him out there and giving him a chance to go up there and make some plays."
On the Redskins defensive focus during the offseason:
"Whatever is best for our team. We just have to keep working and holding each other accountable. The guys that we have here, we just have to make it happen. We're a very talented team. The one thing we have to do as a team is put the puzzle together and not be afraid to hold each other to a certain limit and accountability because that's only going to help the team."

On the offensive line:
"Every day we try to come out here and keep progressing. It's tougher on the offensive line during training camp because they're in there battling play to play and it's hot. Those guys fight through a two hour practice and continue to give their all. Of course there are things that we have to work on and improve at every position out here, but it's a little tougher on the bigger guys during training camp."

On the offensive line's potential:
"It's all about coming out here, being on the same page at the same time. That's the key to success and the key to having a great season."

On facing the defense during practice:
"They're here to help us get better, and we're here to help them get better, and one thing that's going to be out here everyday is the high level competition and there are guys competing and guys fighting their butt off and going against our defense each and every day is going to improve our offense. It gives us an opportunity to see things that we don't see. Our defense is one of the top so its great work for us."

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