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Jason Campbell Training Camp Media Session

On his anticipation to see receivers Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas on the field Thursday night:"I'm very anxious. At the same time it's still stepping blocks. It's the preseason and each game is going to be different. You will play longer and longer each game. It doesn't matter how long they play the first game, it's not going to depend on how they play the whole preseason. They may play more the second, third or fourth game. At the same time, you want to see how far they have come along in a game situation."

On Jim Zorn saying Malcolm [Kelly] and Devin [Thomas] have to play to get better:
"He's right. The only way you get better is on the field; unless you're a veteran that understands and knows what you're doing and understands the extent of your health for this training camp. Alot of guys can be banged up, a lot of guys are hurt and we just have to come out and participate in practice. The only way to get better is to protect yourself. If it's something serious we understand you do have to sit out because you don't want something to linger. If it's something that you can get out there and perform with - it's different between aches and pains and something that is really serious."

On his expectation for Thursday's game in Baltimore:
"We don't expect to play a whole lot; at the same to you want to get out there, play at a high level and play at a fast pace. Just to get back to the start and the feel of a game at the beginning of a game. When the younger guys go in there and play, our job on the sidelines is not to sit down and watch, but to encourage those guys, talk with them and see if they have anything they need help with."

On a quarterback's anticipation of the first hit of the year:
"Well we are playing against Baltimore. They bring some heat. So as a quarterback that first hit is always a good hit to get it over with. Whenever it comes, whether it's the first preseason game or the first regular season game, I'll be ready for it."

On if there is a gameplan for Thursday's game:
"There's not much. There's some but not much. You're not going to throw your whole offense and whole defense out there in the preseason. You use these games to get you back in the flow and back into the rhythm of playing; getting ready for the regular season games. The regular season games are the ones that count and go down into the record books, not the preseason games. You do want to go out there and compete and put your best effort forward."

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