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Jason Campbell Training Camp Media Session

On finding a balance between the running and passing game:

"We have a great running game and passing game, so you try to utilize both of them. You don't want to be one dimensional because then you become predictable. We are going to try and keep opposing defenses on their heals."

On his overall thought on training camp:
"It has been a long, but fun training camp. We got better as a team, and we are rolling in a lot of areas. A lot of it has to do with getting up to speed with Coach Zorn's new offense. The guys came out and competed hard everyday with the right attitude."

On what he has learned about the team since the start of training camp:
"We have a lot of talent and depth both on the offense and defense. We have to continue to work together, and if we stay healthy, we can make a great push. It's about us staying healthy, staying focused, and having the right mindset."

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