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Jason Taylor Media Session

On his health status:

"I practiced Monday and today, but I am still no where near 100 percent yet."

On how important it is getting pressure on Drew Brees:

"It is important every week no matter who the quarterback is. Pressure can go a long way and it takes 11 guys to apply it, so we are working on that and getting better.

On Marques Colston being inactive this week:

"Colston's injury will hurt the Saints because of what kind of player that he his. However, they got a ton of talent like Jeremy Shockey, Reggie Bush, Drew Brees, and a great offensive line. We've seen a lot of guys go down the first week of the NFL, which just means that some people just have to step up."

On how quickly people can get down about the team:

"It doesn't surprise me because people want to win, but you can't win every game and that's the tough part. The Giants were 0-2 last year and look how they ended up. All is not lost because we lost the first game."

On how to get pressure on the quarterback when less than 100 percent:

"You have to find other ways because you can do a lot of things that don't necessary show up on the stat sheet that is contributive to the team. Marcus Washington is one of those guys that doesn't always show up in the stat sheet, but around the league guys respect him because they know that things get done. Bottom-line is there are other ways to affect the outcome of the game."

On being hard on himself after the game against the Giants:

"I'm one of those guys that are not one for moral victories. If you lose a game no matter how well you play, obviously you didn't do enough and sometimes when you win, it's the play you didn't make that is the killer. I'm always tough on myself and I always will be."

On the adjustment of moving from right end to the left end:

"You see the same blocks that you see on the right side you just may see some of them more often. In the last three years I have been standing up more often, but now I've been going back down. As far as my hands go I'm one of the guys who likes to self-scout and change up my hands to whatever feels best."

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