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Jim Zorn Media Session

On whether the Redskins can only afford one more free agent following the signings of defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and cornerback DeAngelo Hall:

"I hope not, but at some point the money dries up. It depends on the guy who you get because if the guy who you get grabs more of the dollars then everyone else goes away."

On whether the signing of defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth changes the Redskins' draft strategy:

"It helps out our draft strategy because we can concentrate on other areas."

On cornerback DeAngelo Hall re-signing so close to the start of free agency:

"I called him up and said you wait until the 11and 59th hour and now here we go. He was excited. We stayed with it with him. There were some other teams that he would have wanted to be interested in, but again I tip my hat to Mr. Snyder and Eric [Schaffer], who put the deal together. You have to say to yourself from his standpoint, last year he went to the Raiders with the biggest contract and it didn't work out for him. I think he liked it here, we liked him being here, he was productive while being here and I think we can keep that continuity."

On whether he was surprised that the Redskins were able to sign both defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and cornerback DeAngelo Hall:

"I knew we had a better chance with DeAngelo [Hall] than we did for Albert [Haynesworth]. When things started getting close I started getting excited. That is when we started going, 'It is not over yet.' I guess I didn't know that we could do both, those two types of players--an outstanding corner who could have been the No. 1 corner in the free agent market and easily the No. 1 defensive lineman on the free agent market. To be able to do both is quite a feat."

On not being active in free agency last season compared to making a splash this offseason:

"We got into it last year, but nothing transpired. I don't like to think of it as a splash. There was a lot of hard work. We pounded, we were working hard to get it to work. It took some creativeness, its complicated, but it worked. I thought what a great thing that all players, agents and administrators putting it together could come to an agreement and it be right."

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