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Jim Zorn Media Session

On the Philadelphia Eagles defense:

They are really good and it's just not their defensive ends, but everybody in that group. This will be one of the first teams that we have faced who will heavily blitz their secondary as well. They bring their safeties and they've brought a corner blitz before so they don't mind getting their safeties in the mix. Their linebackers are some of the best blitzing linebackers that we've seen and overall the defense is one of better defenses that we've faced."

On staying level headed from the success:

"I wouldn't think that we have accomplished any goals yet because all of our goals are ahead us. The only goal that we have attained is that we've won more games than we lost. We just one our last game and a lot of other teams have done the same thing. We have a lot of work to do and when you watch the videos, each player can tell how each player can improve and that's what keeps you medium."

On Defensive End Andre Carter's absence from practice:

"He was excused because he had a family issue to deal with, but hopefully he will be back tomorrow. There is a chance that he won't be back tomorrow, but its nothing to do with injuries, he is just excused."

On the Redskins running game against the Eagles:

"They are stingy about allowing running backs to run, so we have to pick our times, and be on target with our blocking. I really trust Clinton Portis because he has excellent vision and he and Ladell Betts will tag team to stay full speed if they must, so they don't get tired. We will see what we can do."

On the Eagle's blitz schemes:

"They are both aggressive and creative with their blitzes. One team might have three-or-four schemes to get to the quarterback and they might have eight-to-ten schemes. They really have some flexibility because of their athletes, and because they've been together for awhile, on certain downs and distances they blitz more that half the time."

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