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Jim Zorn Media Session

On the condition of tackle Stephon Heyer:

"He wasn't able to do much because we held him out. We try to make it harder on the guys who are injured, so we just work them through drills, try to keep their conditioning up and do what we can with them in their respective injuries. We are hoping he can participate tomorrow, but if later on in the week he can't go then he will be down again."

On being successful in the fourth quarter:

"It's a necessity. We've had to make sure that we move the ball, score, and maintain ball control in the fourth quarter. I think that every team would love to do that. We've been given the opportunity and have been successful, it's what we are supposed to do."

On the St. Louis Rams:

"They are a very good team and if they put some continuity together they are going to be tough. Jim Haslett is an excellent football coach and he is proven."

On running back Clinton Portis receiving NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors:

"It's an honor and it's noteworthy because in this league it is really hard to run against any defense and he's been outstanding. We are all excited about it because the offensive line doesn't like to get mentioned, yet they are mentioned when [Clinton] Portis is mentioned because they helped him get that award."

On being the favorite against the St. Louis Rams:

"We are not worried about being the favorite or underdog. We try not to worry about being the underdog because I figure that we are going to have that status the whole year. I think that it would be different if we let it be different, but I think that we have to prepare for a very difficult football game this week."

On Rams wide receiver Torry Holt:

"He is very dangerous and is one of the premier wide receivers. He runs precision routes and can accelerate. I've never seen anybody run corner routes and double move routes like Torry Holt. He can tear you up in a heartbeat and we have to be careful with him. He also has a partner in crime in Marc Bulger because they communicate well. They are a one-two punch and that's going to be an issue in the game."

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