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Jim Zorn Media Session

On what he appreciates most about Steelers' wide receiver Hines Ward:

"His production, because he comes to play everyday. He's not up and down, hot and cold, and when you watch him from television and focus on him, he is very much into the game. You love that about him and other players like that who can pay full attention and really want to win."

On Redskins' wide receiver Antwaan Randle El:

"I followed him once he hit the senior bowl in Columbine and that was a guy I thought that not only could be a good football player, but with his enthusiasm, leadership and consistency as man, was the kind of guy you want on your football team. He's going to play until he chooses not to play anymore."

On the size of the Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger:

"He's got the same size as John Elway, but John moved a lot better than him. He can intimidate you because he can stand in the pocket, take blows and still be strong with the throw. He is pretty impressive."

On the defense of the Steelers:

"It's so hard because they do so many things. You never know where Troy (Polamalu) is going to be and they really utilize a sense of mystique utilizing all their different players in different places. You have to play steady in order to move the ball on them."

On the Steelers' 3-4 system:

"In their 3-4 fronts, they don't sit back and let you have your way with them. Their 3-4 defense is active and attacks much like and offense that wants to attack a defense. I'm not talking about just all out blitzing, but any one of those combination of linebackers can come. You have to communicate that and be able to identify what formation the team is in and make any adjustments you have and they do that seamlessly. It's difficult to run on that kind of defense because they are always changing and maneuvering."

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