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Jim Zorn Media Session

On cornerback Shawn Springs:

"He looked good. He was running around, very active, didn't skip a beat really. On the reps he had, he was running hard."

On defensive tackle Anthony Montgomery:

"Montgomery practiced. He is a little ginger, but he was out there. He is coming along. He is pushing himself. He is a big man and he has a little bit of an Achilles. That is a lot of weight to push around."

On the Redskins Pro Bowl campaign:

"It is a tribute first of all to our players working hard and gaining respect from the opponent. Also, it just shows all of the appreciation of our fans because right now those are the people that are voting. It is a little early for other people, but if you have a chance to vote and you can put your name down it just shows you the support that this group of fans, the care that they have for our players and the enthusiasm. I think it is pretty cool really."

On wide receiver Malcolm Kelly:

"He is working to try to get back on. He has been back after the break and pushing. He has to continue to improve his route running and his absolute knowledge of the offense. You just have to be able to trust a receiver, anybody out there really, it doesn't matter what position you are at, but he is a receiver, so we have to be able to trust that he can do what is called for. He has to know who he is, where to line up and how to get it done and that is what he is working on. He is doing pretty good."

On being inducted into the State of Washington Sports Hall of Fame:

"It is a true honor to be recognized as somebody who has impacted that area and I am excited for that although I have business to take care of. It is nice that it is being done, I am just sorry that I can't participate in a way that I think that the award warrants."

On if he will have a tough decision at running back on Sunday:

"Right now, just based on Clinton not practicing, I don't want to have my hands tied too much, just in case he can't go. I have to have somebody ready. Some of it will depend on what he does towards the end of this week. He didn't practice at all last week and he played well and he played hard. That could be a game time decision."

On the possibility that running back Shaun Alexander may not play in Seattle:

"Yeah, there is a shot at that, but that is not what I want. That always is a possibility. Having four running backs up is a luxury. I am not anticipating that just because of where we are at the position, but it certainly could happen."

On the impact on Clinton Portis not practicing has on his conditioning:

"That is really a hard thing, because it is his knee. It is a two-edged sword. We have to rest it to get it better, but we lose some stamina and we lose some hardness of practicing every day, of being involved with the movement everyday, that we lose that. That is why putting Shaun (Alexander) down doesn't make any sense to me right now because of that. We may not have him (Clinton Portis) the whole game."

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