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Jim Zorn Media Session

On if he likes the game plan for the Bengals:

"Yeah I do. We are trying to keep it nice and tight. We have a good mix. I think we are preparing well. I have been pleased with how we have been practicing. On Sunday, it is not going to be any mystery. We know what we have to execute to win."

On the team captains:

"They are trying to keep control of our team going in the same direction and they are doing a nice job with that. They had a bit of a meeting on Monday. A players only meeting. Not a crisis meeting, but just a 'come together' meeting if you will. They're actually pretty calm about it. They are all working hard. They take care of the locker room as well. There is good leadership there. I think they should feel proud of what they are doing and what they are all about."

On his confidence in kicker Shaun Suisham:

"When it is warranted that he kicks a field goal, he is kicking it. I won't question whether we will go for a field goal, only when I feel like we have some kind of momentum. It won't be based on whether I have confidence in him kicking a field goal. I am going to put him out there and he is going to kick it. And they are going to be between the uprights, on the good side of it."

On wide receiver Devin Thomas:

"Devin especially has been playing faster. [I am] feeling good about where he is going and the speed that he is playing with. He is more confident. If we had a 15-yard route and he went 20 or he went 12, we are still on him about that, just route depths and break points and things like that."

On tight end Fred Davis

"The guy that is probably, that we see both on the defensive side on the ball because he is running good routes and playing fast and then on offense we are getting him in as well, is Fred Davis. He is coming along well and he is playing fast. I think he has more confidence because he knows what he is doing now and it is making a difference for him and hopefully it will make a difference if we can get him active. Part of his activation is all based on special teams."

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