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Jim Zorn Mini-Camp Media Session

On mini-camp:

"I was very pleased. I wasn't pleased with all the miscues today. I think on the last day everybody is thinking, alright, I get a little breather this afternoon, so we had some concentration problems and that is all it is. We had a few off sides and things of that nature. I get upset with just one, so that was the only thing I was really upset about. I thought the guys worked really hard. The receivers are really catching the ball. We had a hard time starting in pre-practice catching the ball, but when they finally got into practice and started working, the receivers are doing great. It takes a lot of discipline. The route running is the most important and understanding the patterns and things like that. So they are the ones having to work really hard to get to the right spots at the right times. Everybody worked hard."

On if the offense has more catching up to do than the defense:

"I think the defense was pretty swarming today. They stopped our screen. We got our screen yesterday. They stopped the screen today. They brought a corner blitz today, so they got after it pretty good. They jumped into a new front that we hadn't seen a lot of. We responded well to it, but it was great to see all the different elements to fronts and coverages. I thought that was excellent. It gave us problems."

On if they got enough done with the offense in mini-camp:

"I think we got a lot done. We could have probably slapped in a few more plays, but it wouldn't have helped. I think what we did here in these five practices got the nucleus down. What I told the group right after practice is, 'Okay we know where we are because of these five practices. We know where we want to be and now we have to work towards closing that gap'."

On Reed Doughty (S, #37) being absent from practice:

"Reed Doughty's young baby has had surgery. Well, the baby got a fever. They had to take the baby to the hospital to make sure that everything is okay. That is why Reed missed practice. He is with his family."

On what he has planned for the OTAs:

"Really we will start again with the vets. The first installation that we did the first day of practice will be the entire first day tomorrow as well. We are going to regroup, start again. You just start seeing how much faster we can do it, how much better, how much exactly comes out of the veteran group."

On if he expects everyone to attend OTAs:

"Unless there has been an excused absence. I always tell them, it is voluntary-mandatory. Those guys want to be here. If a guy is not here, there is probably a darn good reason that he is not here. They want to be here and they are workers. They are doing it. I don't have any problem with these guys."

On Fred Davis (TE, #86) being absent from practice:

"He didn't show up to a meeting this morning, so we started looking for him. We have an excellent security group. I mean, everybody was scouring. Nobody heard from him, so there was one of two scenarios. Either there was some real trouble and we needed to find him, or he screwed up. I haven't even got to talk to him yet. I know he has been found. I believe it is more in the 'I screwed up' category. I just want to talk to him and make sure he and I are both on the same page. I don't exactly know what the problem was. I don't know if he was sick. I don't know if he was out. I don't know what the deal was. It has to mortifying to him to know he missed practice."

On if he is disappointed with Fred Davis (TE, #86):

"Very disappointed, but part of this is life. This will be the first time I get to deal with this situation too. It was going to come at some point one of these days in my life, it might as well come now."

On if Fred Davis (TE, #86) overslept:

"I don't know. I haven't talked to him. I don't know that. It could be. If it is, he has to be mortified. That is a young guy, let's set the alarm. You can call for a wake up call, whatever. Some of these guys are young enough, I am serious, to not even understand that. He thought maybe someone else was going to wake him up, but he will learn."

On if he has a message to the rest of the rookies:

"Every practice counts. There is no question. He (Fred Davis, TE, #86) just had a setback. Hopefully everybody will learn from the lesson that he is having to learn right now about what it is going to take to get to a place on time, to be responsible for whatever it is. I don't even know. Again, I'm assuming that this kid is going to be in trouble and he may have a reason then I go, 'Great, let's go on. Let's move on'. In every situation you have to find out what the information is first before you make some kind of ?I'm going to get him' statement. That is not the case at all."

On where he feels the team is at the end of mini-camp:

"I think we just scratched the surface. We have a little bit of a foundation. I think the O-line is much further on because they have been here. Again, the run game is much further along than the passing game. We just scratched the surface in the passing game. The guys know what the routes are and they know kind of how it is supposed to look, but now we have to do it very fast and we are not doing it fast yet."

On how mini-camp was for him:

"It was excellent. I think what was great about it is the coaches did a wonderful job taking a lot of responsibility, their responsibilities and putting it all together on the practice field. Also, with the media, this is my first time. No body has punched me in the face and nobody has got after me or anything like that, so it has been great allowing me to start learning what it is like to have to answer questions."

On impressions of the rookies:

"I think we really improved our football team because of our rookies. The speed of the wide receivers, the aggressive play of even Fred Davis (TE, #86) was really nice when he was working on special teams, going hard, going all out. The new offensive linemen we got, we got Rinehart (Chad, OL, #75), and he is going to be decent. Everybody we got will be able to compete for a role on this team, so I am very pleased."

On his quarterback drills:

"Everybody wants to see these funky drills, but they all mean something. They mean something to me. Actually, there is a method to the madness of it. The dodge ball drill that we did with the big pilates balls and we are throwing them at each other to try to get the QBs to move in the pocket with somebody coming at them. You can't really get a real guy and hit them, so we are just trying to work to get out of the way. All of the other drills will come. You will see a lot of stuff coming."

On Jason Campbell (QB, #17):

"I think he is improving daily. In fact, you can see things. You can see him working, developing more confidence. Once he gets a route down and he has a few of them down, everything is happening real natural. The ones that he is not sure about you can see him standing straight up or throwing it a little bit late. You may not notice it, but I notice it. We talk about it and it is going to get better. Once he gets something down he is going to be good."

On Clinton Portis (RB, #26):

"Clinton likes to be cool. He's a cool guy. He's just being himself. The thing I appreciate about him is that he is here. He's not just participating, he's showing the younger guys what to do. I pointed him out in a team meeting, that when you watch him play, he's the example of a guy who finishes plays."

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