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Jim Zorn Mini-Camp Media Session

On the second day of practice:

"The second day was great this morning. You always feel better when you throw and complete some balls. We have a long way to go. Working on route running and accurate passing is critical in this League, so we are going to continue to work. Here is what I appreciated. Everybody was working hard and gave great effort."

On if the team is where they should be:

"I think so. My expectations have been surpassed as far as the effort and really the attention that these guys are giving when it comes to finishing plays, when it comes to maximum effort, going at the pace we want them to go out. It is just a matter of time as we learn our assignments. Those are the things that take a long time, especially for the offensive group, wide receivers in different places, personnel groups coming in and out, so it is just going to take some time."

On the defense so far:

"The front seven--great effort. Linebackers are scraping, filling holes and pursuing very well. The safeties and corners they really are doing a nice job working on some disguising and things like that. I think that is helping. The main thing that we should all see, and what we saw out there today, is the emphasis of pursuit and swarming, trying to get to the ball wherever it is going. It was great today."

On offensive coordinator Sherman Smith coming here from Tennessee:

"He was very comfortable there working with Coach Fisher. He is a great football coach. He had a great football team. He was impacting lives there and I had to just put a new spin on it, ?You can do the same thing here and it is going to be an adventure for you.'"

On what he wants to see out of Jason Campbell (QB, #17):

"I want to see him be more explosive away from the line of scrimmage. I want to see him play at a level, height wise, that is a little more compressed. I want to see him get the ball out on great rhythm. That is it."

On if things are clicking for Jason Campbell (QB, #17):

"Absolutely. It is [inconsistency]. A couple times he will be explosive away from the line of scrimmage and then at the top he will stand up or he won't be explosive away from the line of scrimmage, but he is staying down. Once he puts all those things together then I will be very satisfied."

On if the team understands the new offense:

"Absolutely. What happens is when we put in another big group you see things really working. There are holes. We ran a screen today, and this was the first day we put in the screen, so that was very successful. Now, here is what is great about football, is our defense will go back and they will say, ?Okay, they got the screen in.' Now, the next time we run it, it may or may not work because they are going to adjust to what we are putting in as well. They are going to put in a new front and coverage this afternoon and they are going to shut down a play that we had in this morning, because that is they way offense and defense work. That is what makes football so great. It is all about adjusting."

On how it works with him calling the plays and working with offensive coordinator Sherman Smith:

"I think it is great. He understands that I am going to be calling the plays. He has kind of taken a step back to allow me to install and really talk it through. As he learns it, and it will be up to him on how fast he learns it and the comfort level of me saying it is all yours, then I can even step back further. I have been a play caller in the past. I can't wait to call plays. He has no problem with that. We will be talking about the run game together. It won't be things I decide on the run game because I am going to defer to those guys, Buges (Joe Bugel, Offensive Line), Sherman, Stump (Mitchell, Assistant Head Coach/ Running Backs), in the run game. It will be a little bit of communication in how we do that, and then I will be calling the plays."

On Lorenzo Alexander (DL, #79):

"We have him just doing defense right now, concentrating on one area. We have so many guys in different positions. We are allowing those offense players to earn their spot, but it is also an advantage if we can [put him on offense] and he gives us a better rep than the guy we are working on right now."

On Casey Rabach's (OL, #71) snapping position:

"I was good with that. If you can see Jason (Campbell, QB, #17) he is much higher in his stance, in a better football position not squatting down. I haven't said a work to Casey. He and Jason worked it out."

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