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Jim Zorn Monday Press Conference

On injuries after Sunday's 17-0 loss to Dallas:

"Reed Doughty has a high ankle sprain. He's going to try to fight in this last game, but he's probably doubtful, I've just got to wait to see how his ankle responds. Mike Williams tore a muscle the lower foot that attaches to his big toe. He's will be out for the last game. Devin Thomas worked this morning on foot work drills to try and get some of that lateral movement back. We're going to try and get him back into practice this week, and certainly we will try to progress him to play this week. Rocky McIntosh had some muscle spasms in his back, he's better today. Stephon's [Heyer] patellar tendon in his right knee was irritated. The trouble that he's been having was on his left knee, I think he'll work through practice."

On the struggles of the last two losses:

"I thought the Raiders had a very good defense and we moved the ball and did what wanted to do to protect the quarterback and ran the ball well. These last two games we've had some struggles, especially this last one holding up against the opponent's defensive line, both in the run and the pass created problems. We've got to find a way, and that's what we'll be after this week."

On his strategy of the punt in the fourth quarter:

"It was a 4th-and-8 or 9. I thought our only chance was to get field position, stop the clock, and if we could have stopped them backed up, now we have a chance of better field position to go down and get that first, but we had to get that first score. That was really my strategy to try and save as much time in the punt. They were milking it with 11 minutes to go, I was watching what was going on, and no ball was snapped with more than four seconds to go on the clock. I wanted to take as much time as I could, so that's why I burnt the timeouts there. I was going to have to burn them some way, and that left me with as much time as possible. No huddle and get an onside kick and go down and get it again. That was my best chance for field position."

On his confidence in the offense:

"I think I can maintain that confidence. I'm sure everyone lacks confidence in what we've been doing. The output hasn't matched the scheme. After the season we've got to evaluate the players, the scheme and all the things involved. What we did at what times and how things progressed and digressed. It's a detailed examination of how it went."

On if there is going to be any examination of the team this week:

"Not yet. I want to be able to get through and win this last game. We'll game plan and spend all of our time preparing this week's game plan. Except for self scout and opponent scouting we wont have a lot of examination, except for where we think we can make some quicker fixes."

On if the past two years as the head coach has made him a better coach:

"I think I am a better football coach today than I was when I walked into the program. I am far more experienced. I have seen a lot of things. I have experienced a lot more head coaching responsibilities. I couldn't have had that unless I was the head coach. I think each head coach has to deal with the circumstances as they come, some I could not have predicted, some you have to take them as they come and that is what we're dealing with today. We've got to deal with the situation we are in and try and get our fifth win. That's the way I look at it. There will be a lot of conversation after the season. There will be a lot of questions that have to be answered."

On how the offense was affected by the Cowboys pass rush:

"We were hit several times on three step drops. It was a very difficult situation for us to be in, calling plays, running or throwing the football. It just made it difficult the whole day especially to be able to feel comfortable in that pocket, extending the field and try to push those defenders off of the ball."

On if it is difficult to motivate the players at this stage of the season:

"I think our players played hard. Watching the video, I didn't have any depression or holding my breath over the kind of effort that we gave. Our defense really came out and played with passion. They had a couple really good fourth down holds and gave us field position with Reed Doughty's interception. We had chances. Our punter did a nice job with inside the 20-yard line kicks trying to give us field position as well. We were doing the right thing and I think our players were playing hard. We just were overwhelmed with their d-line. I think that was one of the major portions that hurt us. I think our line was playing hard, they wanted it. They didn't give up. We will continue to motivate. I think we'll have the players. They are professionals. They are playing for the offseason now. I would love to have a win going into the offseason. You feel so much better. The season is morbid enough with our win-loss record."

On if he expects the San Diego Chargers to play their starters on Sunday:

"I can't tell you what Norv will do. They can't sit their guys down for three weeks and expect them to come out and play the first game of the playoffs. I don't think I would do that but I don't necessarily think I would play my starters the whole game so, I wouldn't put words into Norv's mouth at all, but they may treat it more like a preseason attack with their starters playing a limited role."

On if he feels it is obvious to Executive Vice President/General Manager Bruce Allen what needs to be done from a personnel stand point:

"I think you definitely would want to talk to Bruce about that. I think Bruce is paying attention to all of the areas. I think he's got a real good vision. He sees where there is obvious problems. The thing I appreciate about himis he is really digging to find out where the details of these things are at, not just skimming them, he's digging in. I don't necessarily think that a lot has to be said yet because he's still in that stage of fact finding. There is a lot to this. There is a lot of facets. He's working over time to get a feel for everything."

On how he deals with questions about his job security:

"It's kind of all around. I get hit with 'the look' and I get all of that. I just have to press on, I have to push forward. I had made a decision when the first inkling of all this speculation, after beating the Rams, 9-7, earlier in the season, I made a decision then that I am going to stay focused and see this through. I truly am having a great experience. It's not fun but it is a great experience. There are better days ahead. I think we're trying to deal with all of the adversity that comes each day. Each week has been something different."

On if the adversity changes his confidence in himself:

"Not at all, I just don't want to moan and groan about it all. I don't want to create a situation where people look at me and feel sorry for me. Some of this I am responsible for, I am the head football coach and we've got four games under our belt, that's not good, regardless of what the situation is so I am trying to look at it from that stand point. Keep our coaches together, keep our players together and really look at this situation after the season. The addition and the examination of all of the things that went on should happen after the season. It's just too much responsibility during the season to speculate."

On if he is worried about the number of hits quarterback Jason Campbell is taking and if Campbell's worries are cause for concern for him:

"It's a tough game, played by tough men. Nobody in the NFL, a player, is guaranteed comfort of anything. It's a hard game. Fortunately for Jason, he took the time to treat his body roughly in the offseason so he could stand up under the hits during the season. Is he getting hit more than other quarterbacks? A lot of them, he is getting hit. He's a tough human being. I think he concentrates through things. It is part of the nature of the game. He's got to move in the pocket and throw the ball. He's got a tough job, he really does. I would say thing about him, I would bet if you went and interviewed him, he would not want it any other way. He would want to be the starting quarterback here regardless of fair, of it being not fair, he would want to be the starting quarterback here. I think it's a real privilege and it's a treat to be the quarterback of the Washington Redskins."

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