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Jim Zorn Monday Press Conference

On injuries:
"Chad Rinehart is in surgery. They're putting a plate in to support his fibula and he'll be on Injured Reserve. Chris Cooley went in today with Dr. Myerson. He has to stay in the boot for another ten days. That is not good news for me. So he'll be another ten days in the boot without weight bearing and that will set us back a little bit with him. We haven't talked yet with the doctor about how long the rehab is going to be after the boot is off. The bone is healing, it's just not far enough along to get him out of the booth. Eddie Williams got his surgery and will be on Injured Reserve. DeAngelo Hall has a sprained knee and may be out for a week. It depends on how fast we can get him back. He is not an Injured Reserve candidate. He played hard and finished the game. It's an MCL sprain and we'll see how fast we can get him back. Albert Haynesworth is doing some work on the treadmill trying to get that strength back in that ankle so he can handle the load that he is going to create on his foot. We've just got to continue to work him in and see how quickly we can get him back. Mike Williams will be further along. We're going to try to get him into practice in a limited way in drill work. His main concern is the lateral movement in his ankle. Clinton Portis will not be playing this next game. There is going to be a question if he plays against the New Orleans Saints as well. During that week we'll get him moving and see how his concussion is reacting."

On if Mike Williams will start at right guard:
"Yes. If Mike can come back, I'll put him at guard. I'd put him in there because he's a bigger body."

On his feelings of so many players getting injured:"It's something I've never been around. I've been on some teams that have had injuries, but these are Injured Reserve types of injuries, and we've had a lot of them and they've been unfortunate. Chad Rinehart took a wicked hit off a guy that left his feet. That was hard."

On how frustrating yesterday's loss is:
"It is the most recent frustration. I think every game has been hard. It is hard to lose any game. This one is the one that is most fresh. So the wounds are hard to try to heal up and this was a harder one only from the fact that it is a division opponent, it is our rival. We went down there and had a chance to win. I would never say, 'It's just another loss.' This was as big of a loss during our season as any of them really."

On Jason Campbell's performance:"He had some huge throws in hot situations. He battled; he accepted the physical part of the game. He was much more confident in the pocket when he took the hits and he didn't try to shy away from them. Consequently we moved the ball, we got some first downs. We've been fairly decent converting third downs, 47% yesterday, but it is that plus- territory that is killing us. For whatever reason, we get stopped. It gets tougher down there, it really does. We have to answer that question as we go along here and we prepare. Every week, I feel like we've got a real good plan once we get down inside that 20-yard line and when we get stopped we have got to kick field goals. We have got to get those points, and if we can, we have got to get that ball in the endzone."

On Shaun Suisham's missed field goals:
"It is hard. He missed two field goals. They were an impact on the game as they all are. I think every field goal is. It is tough on him, it is tough on the young man. He has been great up to that point and yet he just has to go look at them and get right back at it and make the next one. If it calls for him to kick the field goal I am going to call it and I expect him to make it. I think he has that expectation himself. I wouldn't think there is any kind of excuse-making going on. We all expect him to make it."

On if he thinks the quarterbacks need to be prepared to get knocked down in games:
"That is a good thought and that is a good question. The way I try to prepare the quarterback is to talk to him in terms of he is definitely going to get knocked down - expect to be sore after the game, expect us to get unloaded on several times during the game. If you are surprised about that, the physical part of the game, then you are always going to be shying away and tentative in that pocket. I think there is a real expectation that this game is just as physical on a quarterback as it is for anybody else. The difference for quarterbacks is that they do not have any physical contact during the week so sometimes it is a shock to get hit by a 300-pound lineman. So you try to psychologically, if you will, get them ready. They expect it and I feel like Jason has taken some hits. He knows this game is physical. He has got to be as physical as any linebacker in the game. Now, he is not going to deliver the blow, but he certainly has to take the blow."

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