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Jim Zorn Monday Press Conference

On win against the Dallas Cowboys:

"It was a big, hard fought win and both teams were very physical. Both teams wanted it badly, but we were fortunate to come out with the win. It was an evenly played game and both teams had some pretty good plays. The effort and the finish were there for us and we were fortunate."

On being an underdog in the NFC East Division:

"The game against the Cowboys was a game to keep the NFC East even, but all four teams in the division are solid teams and it is still anybody's division. Our goals are still ahead of us and we made that so by beating Dallas in Dallas."

On the Redskins run defense against Cowboy's running back Marion Barber:

"They only had eleven run plays the whole game and that was partly because we were keeping pace and staying ahead of the game. Our run defense against Marion Barber was incredible. We held him to 28 yards and one of them was for a 15 yard gain. I don't think that I would have thought that we would hold him under 30 yards because he is such a powerful, violent running back. We have a lot of respect for him and to do what we did defensively was tremendous."

On the Redskin and Cowboy's rivalry:

"I didn't have a sense of hate or have a secret t-shirt saying "Beat Dallas", but we prepared for this game well and it was going to take everybody to work and play the entire game to win. Even at that, the game came down to an onside kick, so it was super close."

On the plan when Redskin cornerbacks Shawn Springs and Fred Smoot left the game:

"That was an incredible job coaching as well as playing because we had safeties in the game that we had to use as corners and they did a tremendous job. The coaches had to call the right defense and the players themselves had to communicate and get to the right position. We gave up yardage, but we didn't give up a broken play as you will."

On the play of Redskins cornerback Carlos Rogers:

"Carlos did an unbelievable job in the game. There was a drive in the fourth quarter where they tried going to Terrell Owens three times. He [Carlos Rogers] had three huge plays on all three downs and really put his stamp on that particular series. He gave great effort on three different types of plays that he had to rise up for and he did."

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