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Jim Zorn Monday Press Conference

On being 4-1:

"It's very good. There are a lot of other places we could be. It's very nice to have another win and to have so much effort being put on the field by our players. It was a great effort and a great win."

On calling plays:

"I think we get a good response because our guys are executing. I guess there is a 50-50 chance (of success)—I could be a goat as well for making the call or making the decision. I think it's very difficult for a head coach to try to decipher what to do. Even in that last fourth down call when I called a timeout, I had three plays that I wanted to call and (Redskins running back) Clinton (Portis) rolled by me and said, "Give me the draw." That was one of the plays (I had written down), so Clinton called the play. It wasn't necessarily there, but he willed it. We got the first down because Clinton willed his way for those two yards. Was the call great? I don't know, but the execution was great."

On being down 14-0 at one point during the game:

"It was such a shock to look up and see that it was 14-0. You almost had to block it out of your sight and out of your mind- at least I did- and just stick with the plan. We didn't abort our plan. We stuck with it and we chipped away."

On the punting:

"Our punter (Durant Brooks) has to improve his height, hang time and distance because it's exposed. There's not a lot we can say except, "Yep, you've got to punt better." We're getting the coverage we want, except they got one on us, so we have to be better there too. We can attribute a poor punt sometimes to a nice gain, but we've also got to make the tackle. We're not totally displeased with him either though because he had an outstanding game the week before (against the Dallas Cowboys)."

On getting the win despite missing three starting defenders:

"I think that in our case it just shows that we have a little depth. I think it shows that the other guys around that are being inserted in different places on our football team are picking up slack and doing more than that. We're winning with our depth against division opponents on the road. I think it says a lot about the things we've got going. It also says a lot about how our coaches and our assistant coaches are getting those players ready to play in these games and to rise up. It's very favorable for us."

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