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Jim Zorn Monday Press Conference

On injury updates:

"Jason Taylor had that procedure this morning just to lance that muscle open. There was a skin infection that we are taking care of with antibiotics. There is swelling, and the problem with it is that there is so much swelling that makes it hard to close the wound. We are going to give him a rest – it is likely that he won't play in this football game (against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night). Hopefully the bye week will help. He's not going to do anything for the next three days. We are going to try and eliminate any kind of swelling and keep his conditioning up. Chris Horton's ankle is improving. He's day-to-day but you can expect to see him play this week. Santana Moss has a slightly strained hamstring, but he's in good spirits. We just have to wait and see, but fortunately we have an extra day this week. We'll see how he feels at the end of the week. I don't have the results of (Chris Samuel's) MRI yet--there is a little cartilage in there that is irritating him. We're not going to do any surgery right now--we're going to get him ready to play on Monday night. (Clinton Portis) came in for treatment. He has some soreness in his ankle and his hip flexor has always been an issue. He's been giving a great effort, so he's sore."

On the running game:

"I think the thing that we need and that we talked about earlier this season is that we need a strong running game to help our passing game develop. It's been a pleasant surprise. I would not have predicted that we would have the number one rusher in the league, but it certainly is a solid positive for us."

On quarterback Jason Campbell:

"I think Jason Campbell and his discipline on the line of scrimmage and in the pocket has been tremendous, and it has kept us in ballgames and helped us make big plays. He is doing pretty well. There are still some things that he can continue to improve on. We're going in the right direction and I think that is the biggest positive."

On improvements needed:

"We have to play more sudden. We have to know our assignments and know the technique. At any given moment the technique has to be right and it has to be sudden for us to be the contending team that we want to be in this last half of the season. On defense, we need to continue to push that pocket and get pressure on the quarterback. We need to make the interception when we have the chance. Were almost getting there – we just need to fix those little things."

On finishing in the red zone:

"Every time we've had to kick a field goal (I've been worried about not being able to score a touchdown). We were in the red zone several times this week and several times last week and we weren't scoring touchdowns. It's a major concern because we are trying to attack in that area. We are not scoring touchdowns, so we're concerned about that."

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