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Jim Zorn Monday Press Conference

On the punting situation:

"We're bringing some punters in tomorrow. I had a good conversation with Durant (Brooks) today. This has nothing to do with his injury- he has a little bit of a hip flexor and quad strain. We have to look at the situation. When we bring punters in, it just means we're going to work these guys out and take a look at them, and we'll have many conversations before Wednesday about the situation and then we'll go from there. I think the punting situation is probably the biggest question mark. I would say his position is in jeopardy because of performance not because of injury."

On recent injuries:

"He (tackle Chris Samuels) has a mild knee sprain. I think he's going to be okay—he did not have to get an MRI. Ladell Betts has a mild knee sprain. I don't know the severity of it yet. Those tests are being checked by the doctors right now. Chris Horton has a sprained ankle, but it's a low sprain, so I think he's going to be just fine. I saw him (Fred Smoot) getting treatment today (for his groin). I think he's going to be fine. James Thrash got a wicked hit in the back, but he's also got a little bit of a sprained knee. I saw him hauling around here this morning, so I suspect he's going to be okay."

On the loss to the St. Louis Rams:

"We came in here preparing pretty well. If you looked at the video, we played very hard. I was proud of how hard we played. On defense, you can maybe point to a couple of plays but you can't point to too many where we really allowed them to take advantage of us. On offense we just kept coming back and we kept swinging. Nobody lost concentration and nobody lost hope from what we did on offense."

On reviewing what happened in the game:

"I would say for the most part we should all be very excited about most of the things we did out there. I was very pleased with Jason Campbell and how he played—he concentrated the whole game. We just kept plugging away in there and we made some good throws and good plays. We just couldn't overcome the combination of several of those situations, and that's the biggest frustration for me. The thing that I'm most concerned about is the focus or the concentration of the off-sides (calls). It was guys just jumping, so that I'm going to address. We had a couple of really big plays that we couldn't even execute- they were just flat no plays because of lack of concentration- that's inexcusable."

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