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Jim Zorn Monday Press Conference

On quarterback Jason Campbell:

"This morning Jason got a little treatment for his groin. On a non-physical play he stepped to throw and he slipped. I don't know if his cleat slipped out – it was kind of an awkward situation. His groin is sore and he got treatment today, so I think he'll be ready to practice on Wednesday. I think it had an impact on him somewhat – he was noticeably inaccurate on several throws that I felt like he should of hit and he felt he should of hit. It was great that he continually pushed. He made some big plays and kept us in the ballgame. It wasn't a total loss, but it might have impacted his game a little."

On running back Clinton Portis:

"I think Clinton is going to be fine – he's just a little sore today. We treated several things today: his foot, his shin, his ankle, his trap. He's carrying a big load, so he may need a little bit of a rest. I don't know (if he needs a rest), but I'm willing to give it to him that's for sure."

On injury updates:

"(Cornerback) Shawn Springs is still doubtful with his calf muscle. (Cornerback) Fred Smoot has a sore groin. That's about it. The other guys are probably sore today, but they'll be fine. You can see we're wearing down a little bit and that's what the bumps and bruises are from, but I will tell you this, our team has played very physical. Week in and week out our guys have really come and played hard. I think (defensive coordinator) Greg (Blache) has done a great job of getting that defensive group ready to play, and it certainly proved this week to be real special and it kept us in the ballgame."

On the playcalling in the second half:

"There were several ingredients there: I thought we were running the ball pretty well and I didn't want to slow us down from that standpoint. The second thing was that Jason (Campbell) was a little bit off on rhythm, so I was trying to pick those moments when I felt comfortable with the rhythm of the play. (I picked plays that) I thought would fit in the drive and would help get Jason back on track. I had some selection there that I wanted to use, but then the clock became a factor too. I didn't shut everything down, but I didn't get to use several of the things that I had on the docket to hit."

On if tackle Jon Jansen will continue to start:

"Yeah, Jansen is going to be right there. I'm very pleased with him – he's been consistent every week. Our group is working well together. It's unfortunate for Stephon (Heyer), but I'm not going to mess with (what we have). I would say the same thing about Jansen if Stephon was in there. At some point as we go along, we're going to need that swing tackle, so he's going to have to come in and help us."

On the offensive line:

"They've got toughness to themselves. They're salty dogs and they would love to run the ball. I think they communicate very well and they work together as a unit. It also takes those tight ends working with the tackles to get the job done as well, and then (fullback) Mike Sellers has to put the load on an edge player and he's doing a good job there too. I will say this about (center) Casey Rabach because he had to block a big human being (Cleveland defensive lineman Shaun Rogers) and that guy drove him back – they were going at it all day long. We got beat a couple times, but he held his own. He went to heroics to be able to block such a physical player. I tip my hat to what Casey did."

On what defines this team:

"I'm not trying to create any particular image or anything like that as far as our team goes--a label or brand if you will. I want the brand to be kind of what we've been doing; (I want the team to) have balance. At some point we're going to need the passing game and we're going to continue to need this run game. We've just got to make sure that the mix is right and that we're taking advantage of what we can do and not force something just because."

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