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Jim Zorn Monday Press Conference

On the offense's progression:

"I think we've come a distance. I think our run game has been solid in 11 games. Clinton (Portis) is still leading in the National Football League in rushing, so that's really positive. We have to handle the defenses that are very strong. We didn't come through with points against two very difficult defenses. And yet yesterday we came back, so we have some resiliency. I'm excited about the direction we're going in there."

On quarterback Jason Campbell:

"Our passing game was good at times yesterday – Jason (Campbell) was better in the second half than he was in the first half with decision making. We'll get him back on track, but I think he's playing well."

On being impressed with the team's focus:

"I was very concerned yesterday when we were struggling on offense and I was looking for guys that were thinking is this going to be just like a couple of weeks before with Pittsburgh and Dallas. I was walking around the sidelines trying to look at people in their eyes and see if they were in there, and everybody was. It was impressive for me to watch the concentration level that these guys had while they were getting ready for the next series. While our defense was out there, I was looking to see who was into it and who wasn't, and I saw guys really concentrating."

On quarterback Jason Campbell's developments:

"I think he's done a pretty good job in his first year. He's made some adjustments in his technique and the way he plays. (He's been) playing faster and his tempo has risen up. He understands more of what he has to do on the line of scrimmage (and that he has to be) active on the line of scrimmage making decisions before the ball is snapped. There are other areas that he has to get more up to speed. As far as when he needs to get off that second receiver, or when the pocket is closing in to make that good base and still get the ball off – those are things that he'll continue to improve as he works into this offense."

On kicker Shaun Suisham:

"I think that his kickoffs are a matter of him controlling the rotation on the ball. I think when you see a ball really spinning the kicker has actually mis-struck the ball and is getting too little of the ball. I think that's really all he's doing. In reality, (when he missed the 43-yard field goal yesterday) he miss hit the ball. If there is a little more wind against him, he might have to drive it a little bit more, but he's very capable of making those."

On facing the Giants' elite pass rush this weekend:

"That will be a major concern and emphasis because if we can protect Jason and he has a chance to throw on rhythm, then we'll continue to improve our passing game. I believe that. We have to be able to mix in this game; we can't get completely shutdown in one area and think that we're going to beat a defense like this. We have to be able to run and we have to make sure that we have protection to throw in order to win."

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