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Jim Zorn Monday Press Conference

On injury updates:

"I know that Chris Samuels has a 50 percent tear to his triceps – I don't know which exact one it is, but he is going to have to have surgery. Andre Carter and London (Fletcher) came out of the game okay. Kedric Golston is probably going to be with us next week, so that's a good sign. (Cornelius) Griffin's shoulder is coming around. He still has a little bit of an abdomen strain, so we'll have to see how that affects him. We're getting that checked out for a possible hernia. (Marcus Washington) is just a wait-and-see. We're going to try and get him moving and active. [As far as Shawn Springs' condition,] we have to continue to strengthen his calf muscle."

On filling in holes at offensive line:

* *"We will put (Stephon) Heyer at left tackle. (Jason) Fabini is a left tackle as well although we're going to put him at right tackle. We are going to try (Chad) Rinehart and (Devin) Clark; both guys are going to get tackle reps. Pete Kendall will be our back-up center if (Justin) Geisinger is gone. We'll have both Clark and Rinehart get some guard reps as well. We've got to slide some guys in, and they just have to rise up and play well."

On running back Ladell Betts playing instead of Clinton Portis:

"What happened is that as we got down, we wanted to give Ladell a series. And as he was running the ball, running routes and blocking, we gave him another series. We felt like he was doing just fine especially because we were going to have to throw the ball more. Without Clinton (Portis) practicing and Ladell practicing all of those protection schemes and route running, we just felt very confident that he could do it and he did. He played well in what we called him to do."

On stopping the run against Baltimore:

"I really thought we did what we needed to do in the run game for the most part. You can count the plays we lost on. (For example,) we had two guys in a gap, unblocked and the back coming right at them. All he did was juke and come back inside and it was clear sailing. We have to make that tackle. I thought for the most part we shut down their run game. And even in the passing game, they only ended up with 134 yards passing. We didn't get any sacks and we didn't disrupt or anything like that, but our coverage was excellent when they had to throw. I think the scheme was there. I'll give you an example: If one of our players jumped out of their gap, it was going to be a big play and it was. Especially on third down, you have to be very disciplined in gap control if you want to stop a good running team. They were a better running team last night than they were a passing team and we shut it down."

On what they need to improve on:

"I think that we have to shore up our problems on the offensive line. We've got to keep Clinton going. Even though he sat on the bench and was frustrated, he's going to be far healthier and be able to practice this week, which is going to help us down this run. We were more in a passing mode in that second half being 14 points down. I thought that was the right choice. Now we have him and now he can practice and he can be in all of those situations and we can get after it in these last three or four games."

On how to keep the momentum moving forward:

"We have to hold our team from getting so frustrated that they pack it in. I don't see this as a team that in any situation has that sense of packing it in. I really felt like we had a good week of practice; our guys were right there both mentally and emotionally. I think we've become more fragile with our confidence. If anything, we've got to get our confidence (back up). It's hard to get your confidence back up unless things can be successful. The thing that will turn us is if we can have some success in this next week. If we can get some success, I think we'll rebound."

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