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Jim Zorn Post-Game Press Conference

On his overall feelings on the game:

"At the end of it all, I was most surprised going in at halftime down as much points as we were. It all started with them having a flawless drive. Then we went three-and-out over and over, and it was 24-0. It got away from us early. Coming back in after halftime, I thought going down and scoring was what we needed, we did, and then we just couldn't continue to answer. That was something that was going to help us inch our way back in the game, and we did poorly overall. I really was surprised, and I think our players were as well because we have been putting together some pretty good performances and potential wins. We're still searching for that fifth win and I can say it still hurts. Our team is pretty quiet in the locker room and it still means something to them. We can't spend a lot time moping around. We've got to get back up because we have a big game Sunday night."

On if he believes adversity is hurting the team:

"I really believe this in my heart, there is a lot of adversity on every NFL team. Part of it is trying to stay together, and I think we've done that regardless of all the injuries and distractions. We've gotten ready to play aside from all that. I think that's what we tried to do today. We even had snow, but so did New York. Everybody has the adversity factor involved, so I would say that's not an issue. The issue was we did not come out and play with the intensity. I thought we would be ready because I felt like we had a pretty good week of practice, but we didn't come out with the intensity that was needed in this game against a division opponent."

On why the fake field goal didn't work:

"It was good defense. That's what hurt that play. I contemplated going back, after [Tom Coughlin] called timeout, and kicking the field goal. The play was unique enough to where I didn't think they saw what we were really trying to do and then they smelled it out pretty quickly, we didn't really have a chance to get it started."

On if he considered not putting quarterback Jason Campbell back into the game after he got hurt:

"Yes. I planned on starting Todd [Collins] in the second half because [Jason Campbell's] shoulder was hurting pretty bad. Then when [Jason Campbell] came out and warmed up, he felt good and felt like he could play, so I told him to go until he couldn't do it. If he got hit much more and got another shot to his shoulder, I was going to take him out of the game. I thought Todd answered the call very well as he came in before the half was over and moved the ball down for us. Jason was tough. He mentally and physically tried to stay in there and do the best he could."

On his feelings of losing the first game with Bruce Allen as general manager:

"I think one of the things that I've done since I've been here is try to play it straight and up front. I've got nothing to try and gloss over. It was a pretty bad game and it's frustrating for me. For his first game, to come in and us not play so well and show him what we did tonight, is disappointing. It's not so much disappointing for my job because that will all take care of itself, but it's just frustrating for me as the head football coach to bring out our football team in that regard and not do well. I would have loved to do well for Dan [Snyder], Bruce [Allen] and for the whole ownership group, and I certainly didn't."

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