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Jim Zorn Post-Game Press Conference

On Jason Campbell's performance against the Patriots:

"I thought Jason started out strong. I wish we had completed that one pass that Santana Moss got behind the defender. There were a couple of plays that we will continue to learn and push him to move on. He got stuck on a couple of receivers, but I was very pleased. He came out aggressive. He was accurate. He was real solid with what he had to do on the line of scrimmage. His tempo was very good. I think he was excited."

On how the offense felt after having numerous three-and-outs:

"That was frustrating because we were playing a good team. We are going to get some three-and-outs, but what was great about our defense is that we didn't get down on ourselves. Nobody was down, we just had to find the formula for moving the ball on the ground. We were struggling early with moving the ball on the ground and then we found some of the things we were looking for. We mixed it up with some aggressive pass plays and I thought our receivers did a nice job of separating from defenders. We left a couple out there that we could have had. We will look at the video and probably see more. We had some good plays out there on offense."

On having 15 penalties in the game:

"That is one of the real disappointments in the game. As I talked about it with our team, you could just see everyone groaning. We all have to just take responsibility for that as a group. We had too many of the 15-yard type and there were several times on defense where we could've gotten off the field and we didn't because of that. That happened last week as well but not as much. We had a few this week that really hurt us. They have a great offense. You let them have that extra series and bad results happen for the home team."

On the unsportsmanlike penalty call against the bench:

"There was a lot of guys yelling and screaming on the bench. The official had it in his mind that somebody had been harsher than they needed to be. There was a little discrepancy about what was being said and how loud it was being said."

On if he saw Bill Belichick call a timeout before the fumble at the end of the game:

"I didn't see it. That is why I called timeout because they all of a sudden gave the ball back and I thought it was clearly our ball. I saw the fumble, I saw the snap, I saw us recover so I wanted a clarification instead of just letting them go and do their thing. That's why I called a timeout, to see what happened. Clearly Bill called timeout before the ball was even close to being snapped, so it was legal play."

On Colt Brennan's night:

"I would say it was a mixed bag. He had some really big plays, a couple of really big throws and a couple of great adjustments. Yet he showed his lack of NFL experience out there, especially on the interception and on the sack. But other than that he is going to like some of the things that he did."

On if it was his plan to let Colt Brennan finish the end of the game:

"Yes it was. I want to get a good feel for him. He loves to play so it is no sweat for him to go out and play as much as he can."

On if he has seen growth from Colt Brennan:

"Yes, in some areas and there is still more. He is still young and I liked what he did today."

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