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Jim Zorn Post-Game Press Conference

On the fake punt:

"We saw a little something and we planned it out. It was a bit scary to call it that deep in our territory, but I called it. Also it was fourth-and-ten not fourth-and-two, so we really had to go in and get it. But we had confidence that it was going to go and it was a success. Rock [Cartwright] did a really nice job making the cut up the field."

On Quarterback Jason Campbell's performance:

"I didn't know that it was one-of-seven for ten yards. I thought he stood in strong. We would have all liked to have completed the ball on that first play deep, but Troy [Polamalu] did a nice job. I haven't seen it but I've heard it was offline. I was really excited about how he stood in there strong. I asked him to throw some more vertical plays. We got shut down one time on one of the longer throws, he couldn't get it off. Overall, there was not a lot of production but I thought he was still in command of what we were trying to do."

On his decision of calling more verticals:

"I want to be able to mix. I want to be able to see what our receivers can do. We were trying to work on separating from defenders. A lot of people are proud in the line of scrimmage because our run game has been decent. I wanted to see what we could do one-on-one."

On if he was pleased with the offense's overall performance:

"I was much more pleased. We ended up converting third downs. We were one-and-eleven a week ago and I think we were nine-of-seventeen this game. We definitely improved in our third down conversion. We even converted a couple of fourth down plays, so I was very pleased. What I am looking for as far as improving is continue to improve our route running down the field, continue to improve our poise under pressure and try to execute very well, and we did a lot of that tonight."

On fullback Mike Sellers' injury status:

"He is going to be fine. Somebody's knee hit the inside of his knee. It is just a bruise, it is a contusion. The other slight pull that we had was Ladell Betts, an oblique muscle in his back."

On what he wanted to see out of running back Clinton Portis:

"I wanted to give him a couple of carries. I had a screen that we called for him and it was not successful. I think he did a nice job blocking in there and got to run the ball a couple times. He showed that he had a little burst. I think we accomplished what we had planned for him, with our coaching staff and what we had to do to get him the ball and get him some carries."

On quarterback Chase Daniel:

"Chase [Daniel] had a wonderful night. He had six-of-eight. I think he had [58] yards and he was poised. We are working on some tempo things. He was excited, he hung in there, he got a nice scramble for a first down, he threw to Fred Davis for a touchdown and Marko Mitchell for a touchdown. I was excited for a guy not getting a lot of reps to perform with some poise. Just like every second group out there they want to do well and they certainly did."

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