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Jim Zorn Post-game Press Conference

September 20, 2009 FedExField


On if he was frustrated with the offensive not moving the ball:
"I think we are moving the ball. It is the scoring that is frustrating. Fortunately, we have a kicker that is making plays because we need every point we can get right now. But, we're not going to stay there. That is really the bottom line here. I have got to look at this thing very hard because it is my responsibility. I can wave all kinds of magic wands but I have to come up with the right play and put our guys in the right position. As we look at it, we will figure out more and more about what we need to do to finish these drives."
On his feelings of not converting the final fourth-down play:
"It was a goal line play. It was our number one goal line run but when we got down there it was a little bit more emotional and revved up on both sides of the ball. We wanted it badly and they won the line of scrimmage. I think Clinton Portis gave all that he could give on that particular play. But they established a little pressure on our side of the line of scrimmage instead of us knocking them off."

On if it was a no-brainer to run the ball on fourth down instead of kicking a field goal:
"I hope I was using my brain. I felt confident being that far in with time on the clock and no timeouts. We had a good opportunity. If they could drive 99 yards or at least 75 to kick a field goal then that would've been the wrong choice, but they didn't. Our defense was playing well all day long."

On his feelings of winning the game:"I feel really good about the win. When we walked into the locker room, it was quiet. We knew that we underperformed in areas but we were really good in a lot. I think our guys were looking around saying, 'wait we won.' We're going to celebrate the victory, we're going to celebrate what we did well and then we will get back to work. The thing I know about our team, including our coaching staff, is that we will find a way and we will get better again next week."

On feelings of the overall progression of the team since preseason and his play-calling:
"I am very pleased with how we are progressing. I don't feel comfortable not scoring a touchdown or not scoring very much. But I feel very good because we are protecting Jason Campbell better, and we ran the ball better today, so there are a lot of things that are positive. I really want to give myself an opportunity to really look hard at it. I think it is a mixed bag."

On guard Randy Thomas' and quarterback Jason Campbell's injuries:
"Randy Thomas strained his triceps, on the other arm that he injured a few years ago. We don't know the extent of it. We're going to take a look at it. Jason Campbell sprained his ankle in the second quarter. I stayed away from plays where he had to run, but then he took off and ran for a really nice, near first down in the fourth quarter. I was really proud of how he played with the injury."

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