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Jim Zorn Post-Game Press Conference

On getting more involved in the second half of the Falcons game:

"Really we got involved at halftime. They ended up having a little bit of pride in what they were doing. We were sacked those five times and it was just us playing that we didn't get beat. It was the whole protection group, not just the offensive line. Everybody took shots. I think in the second half, you saw our run game take off. I think that is what really sparked us. When the run game started to be effective, the mix of the passes was good. Its execution, plain as day, and we'll be able to see that on the video between the first half and the second half. The thing that I was impressed with, remember we lost, I get that, but the thing that was impressive was the fight that the Redskins football team has. They came out and battled. We dug ourselves a hole that was hard to get out of, and it irritates me because the first half, on offense, could have been just like the second half. It wasn't and that's the reality of it. Every game has been different and this one was horrible up until the end of the first half."
On the team's discipline:

"This is a very emotional game. We can handle an off-side. It was the first play of the game; I don't think it was significant in any way of the entire football game. We had an incident on the sideline where we had a player hit the quarterback late, and it got a little bit emotional. It's an emotional game. I thought that everybody kept it together. I thought the officials handled it very well. I ended up watching it on the big screen and knew that DeAngelo Hall was over there and that was a bad place for him to be so I tried to get over there and help out the situation. When DeAngelo was coming back to me, he had a real sense of control about the situation. I'm glad it didn't turn into something ugly."

On the team's injuries:

"Jason (Campbell) looks like he might have a high ankle sprain. I know his ankle is a little banged up, but we'll get that diagnosis. Reed Doughty hurt his knee a little bit and we've got to get a diagnosis on that. We have a sprained ankle with Mike Williams and D'Anthony Batiste had to come in for him. Clinton Portis got dinged a little bit. He got knocked out and was a little woozy. He had one of those smiles on his face because he was wondering what the heck happened. He didn't remember the play. I would never make a diagnosis on a guy getting knocked out so we will have to wait and see. There will be a test to see if there was a concussion, so we have to see what happens."
On if the team called quicker passes in the second half:

"Somewhat, but we didn't have a lot of long developing patterns in this game in the first place. We didn't do a lot of different games. We just tried to mix it up. Our guys were just determined to execute. It will be the executed plays that were successful in that second half."
On Jason Campbell getting frustrated due to the pocket collapsing so often:

"Yes, but it's a tough game it's a hard game. I say 'so what?' You've got to get up and tough guys have to be there. I thought he did a real good job. The thing that you saw today was when things were breaking down he got up the field. He didn't slide very well and I was upset with him about his slide. He's not good at it and he has to get better at it. The sprained ankle hurt him as well. So to answer your question, yes, but that's the way it goes."

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