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Jim Zorn Post-Game Press Conference

On the play caller change:
"The result was the same. We got 17 points. I always like to finish drives and we finished a couple and that made a difference for us. I wish the game would have been closer earlier. The two-minute drills were good, the short fields were good. Those kinds of drives. What hurt us on offense was just pass probe and the inability to run consistently, because we got these third and longs and we only converted two third downs the entire game, and that means the lack of sustained drives. A lot of what I need to do is go look and see what happened on video, as far as where the failings were. We'll try to coach to the positive and eliminate the things that did not go well."

On the game:
"You could really tell this was a different kind of game, an NFC East game. I think it was a very physical game. You could tell it was a Monday night game with the packed crowd and I thought our fans were very encouraging throughout the entire game. I was excited about that. Especially with all of the things that were going on this week. They came out and supported us, and that was a positive for me."

On the play calling:
"Here's what happened. Sherman Lewis called the passing game most of the game and he did it with a code. Sherman Smith really called the run game and did a nice job with it."

On tight end Chris Cooley's injury:
"He's got a break in his ankle on the inner side of his tibia. We're quite certain it's broken or fractured in some way, and we'll make a better diagnosis tomorrow. He will be out for a while until he can heal up. I don't know if it will be a season ending injury yet."

On fans booing before the game:
"I don't hear any of that. I just like the idea that our fans came to see us. We were 2-4. It was a Monday night game. I want our fans to be a part of our group the entire season long. Our record doesn't look very good, 2-5 now. But I want our fans to support. It's hard for our fans to support when it's not the Redskins football that we hoped to put on the field, especially with the score. But I do think the fans could be proud of the effort on the field."

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