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Jim Zorn Post-Game Press Conference

On Jason Taylor: "The initial x-rays were negative about any serious damage. We're going to get another MRI and we'll have a stronger evaluation."

On Jon Jansen: "Jansen sprained his ankle."

On the time frame on Jansen's injury: "He (Jansen) said he heard something just pop in there, but from our understanding, it's just a sprain. I don't know if it's a high ankle sprain or what. If it's a low ankle sprain, he won't be out. If it's a high ankle sprain, those are not good for immediate return."

On what he takes away from a blowout loss: "Well, it's very humiliating to be on the field. I haven't been in many of these, but I have been in them before. We did not pass protect well. You could see there was no looking around going gosh what are we doing. We knew exactly what we were doing. It was offense, defense and special teams playing poorly in certain areas. It wasn't so much that the schemes and the team we're putting on the field; we really lost the individual battle. There are a lot of individual battles that go on during a football game. We lost a lot of those one-on-one. They challenged us one-on-one. A lot of other teams will be so happy to look at this video and go yeah we love this, because if we don't win the individual battles, we can't win the team scheme. We worked incredibly hard to get as far as we've come before this game, and then to have this lack of production in all phases is not something we wanted. I guess it's going to be a teaching tool, but we certainly didn't want to learn this lesson. I guess we have to learn some things from this, but it's not a thing I'm very happy about."

On playing the Giants on Sept. 4 in the regular season opener: "They'll use this game as part of their game preparation. We know that. So then we have to be able to regroup. We saw a game before that so we can't go out next week and do what we did next week."

On his thoughts during the game when being dominated:"I think about each player's readiness. I think about each player's grit. Those are probably the things I think about. We have to be able to withstand that type of pressure at points during the game so that we can actually get the ball off. And we've got to be able to throw under duress as well, and we didn't do that.

On Jason Campbell's 7-step drop: "The one that Jason got hit in the back, we were taking a shot and we had what we wanted, but he kind of got walked back into him. It wasn't even a defensive player that hit Jason, it was an offensive player. Those kinds of things are not good. When that happened, I didn't want to put Jason in that long developing play to risk another. We had a lot of third and fifteen's in this game."

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