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Jim Zorn Scrimmage Media Session

On the defense:

"We decided to sit a handful of guys out because we kind of know what they're doing already. I thought everybody that stepped in did a pretty good job. We moved the ball some, but our defense was very stingy about letting us get in the end-zone."

On the offensive performance:
"I thought the first drive was excellent. We didn't give them that many drives so I thought they looked very good. I'm very big on tempo. I want to go in there every play and just drive, but we've been working now for the last six days. Our guys are a little tired. We had a great practice yesterday morning and I thought that the scrimmage was very good, but I want more."

On defensive end Anthony Montgomery's injury:
"He broke a bone in his hand. We're going to let the swelling go down, let him rest it and then he'll probably be bandaged up for a little while."

On calling the plays in from a CB radio:
"This was just another way to get in and call the plays without having a big headset on. During the season we'll have headsets on, except for probably next week [the Hall of Fame Game] because it's in a high school."

On his impression of training camp so far:
"When you put it all together, I think we've come very far and accomplished a lot so far. We've talked about a lot of things and we've gotten a lot of the NFL requirements out of the way as well. We got a lot done in this first week, and we've come a long way both in meetings and on the field. Now we just need to continue to perfect everything and get faster. I just want to keep pushing in and out of the huddle"

On a few standout players:
"I really appreciate how Jason Taylor came in from day one and has fit right in. I think our defense is playing fast and I think that's a real bright spot. Antwaan Randle El had his knee surgery the same time everyone else did and he hasn't skipped a beat. Santana Moss has really put his mind to it. He makes very few errors and plays very fast. James Thrash has been great. I'm really excited about how far Jason Campbell has come since we first started working with him. This was his first scrimmage. He made some great decisions during the first drive and then there were several plays where he hesitated so he had to scramble a couple times."

On his relationship with Jason Campbell:
"I think our relationship is very good. We communicate well with each other. He will tell you straight up what happened and if you go back and look at the play later, it's what happened. He's not trying to make something up that isn't there. I think we're going to have a great working relationship."

On Fan Appreciation Day:
"It was unbelievable. It's tremendous to see everybody that came out to see what we're trying to put out on the field. It's a real deep admiration between the fans and the traditions of Redskin football. It's pretty exciting."

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